The Ayurvedic Herbs Guggulu Health Benefits and Uses

The guggul plant is widely distributed throughout Asian country and adjacent dry regions. Guggulu is made from the natural resin of the Balsamodendron Mukul tree. Its English name is Indian bdellium. Shuddha Guggulu could be a refined guggul utilized in varied ayurvedic formulations. The gum derived from Commiphora weight is processed in flavorer simmering for its purification and removing impurities. From Ancient times Ayurvedic doctors have used Guggulu to support a wide type of conditions like high cholesterol, excess weight, stiff joints, joint discomfort, sinus issues and circulatory and nervous system disorders. Some of the important Guggulu health benefits are listed below.

Different Types of Guggulu

Amazing Guggulu Health Benefits

Guggul Weight Loss

In Ayurveda, excess weight is that the results of a Kapha imbalance. Guggul clear excess of Kapha from the body with its astringent, bitter and pungent tastes. Shuddha Guggulu is the main ingredients in varied ayurvedic medicines used for weight loss. Adding it into the diet burns extra fat and reduces complications of obesity. It additional prevents cardiac diseases in obese people by lowering bad cholesterol.

Improves Bone Strength

Bone health can be maintained significantly by adding calcium and vitamin d in the diet. This mineral is essential for proper body function and it also keeps bones strong. Adding Guggulu to diet improves nutrients supply to the bones and will increase bone strength. Therefore, it’s employed in cases of bone weakening in pathology, low bone mineral density, and similar cases.


Osteoarthritis is a sort of inflammatory disease that features the eventual loss or breakdown of the cartilage of one or more joints. Chances of Osteoarthritis is more frequent in the old people. Before age forty-five, arthritis happens more frequently in males. Guggulu offers relief in inflammation, pain, and stiffness in arthritis in Osteoarthritis patient. It also improves joint movement, reduces joint stiffness and pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder which will have an effect on joints. In some folks, the condition can also damage a wide variety of body systems, together with the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels. Simhanada Guggulu and yograj Guggulu have better leads to the management of arthritis. This mix of treatment helps to manage pain and inflammation attributable to arthritis.

Triphala Guggulu Dosage

Normally, a person can take 1-2 tablets or 1-2 tablespoon of powder for twice or thrice a day with lukewarm water. Adults can take a daily 2 -3 tablets twice a day in a plain water. For children, one-two tablet per day is the recommended dose after meals.

The herb Guggul is a traditionally used herb in the herbal medicines. Some of the important guggul health benefits are listed above. Where to buy guggul? To experience the amazing benefits of the premium quality Guggulu. You can Buy Guggulu Online at


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