Miraculous Benefits of Amala and Amla juice which is Treated as Ambrosia

Amla is the rich fruit which has many great properties like vitamin C, rich in anti-oxidants. Moreover this is found everywhere and even in the form of juice these days. Taking it regularly will help everyone to stay fit and healthy. This article is a perfect guide to those who want to know more in.

All those who are worried about how to eat amla for health benefits are now getting relieved as it has found that people may consume amla in any form like powder, juice and dried amla etc.

The super combination of honey and amla health benefits has many advantages as the human body will get nourished and as well rejuvenated on the whole.

  • Abode of Vitamin C: Amla powder is very popular for the high amount of vitamin C present in it.
  • Boosts Immunity: Taking amla powder daily will help to enhance the immunity in the human body.
  • Drives Away Cancer: Anti-oxidants are rich in Amla powder. These will help to drive away free radicals which causes mainly dreadful diseases like cancer as the cells gets damaged.
  • All sorts of inflammation in the body will be getting reduced as this juice is going to reduce acidity.
  • The nutrients from the food are assimilated properly by taking amla juice daily.
  • This juice or the intake of amla is going to aid the functionality of the human body. In a word it strengthen the organs like liver.
  • Controls Diabetics: In these days, diabetes has become a common problem for everyone irrespective of their age. The blood sugar will get controlled by taking amla in your diet regularly.
  • Beauty Benefits: Taking amla regularly will enhance the look of the skin and as well that of hair. The hair growth will be very good. People who ever are bothered with the gray hair will find a positive solution here. All the other issues like dandruff, itchy scalp etc. will no more be concerns if we use amla regularly in any of its form.
  • Helps Whole Body: The benefits of amla are really miraculous. Eyes and as well whole body will be away from all sorts of infections. So the chances of enhancing appetite is even found in the research.
  • Controls Weight Gain: All the fitness freaks are now consuming amla juice as this enhances the metabolic rate and helps to control fat in the body. So the chances of weight gain has been observed to be less.


All the above mentioned are just a few. There are many people who are enjoying some more benefits of amla juice with honey.


People who wish to consume amla juice are advised to take 5-10 ml per day. This may be taken with the empty stomach even. Normally, in India most people prefer to take amla in their diet. There are many preservatives and dried amla and as powder that is coming in the market. All these may be used in the recipes and make sure that you are including amla into your diet in one form or the other regularly.









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