Include Berries into Your Diet and Benefits of BlueBerry Will Protect your Health

Blueberry has won the hearts of many people and has been their favorite fruit from many years. Even now people love to have this for their good taste and as well health benefits.

The following are the benefits of blueberry fruit. Just know than and as well get those benefits by taking them regularly.

  • The best properties of blueberries include the anti-oxidants which help the human body from getting the diseases like cancer.
  • People ask them to consume blueberries because of the presence of Flavonoids
  • There are most of us who are taking the blue berry juice every now and them as this has the goodness of preventing the damage of the DNA which is very essential for the human body.
  • The benefits of blueberry juice also include the damage of the cholesterol in the heart and this prevents many heart diseases. The lipo-proteins in the blood will not get oxidized.
  • Blood pressure has become common in most of the lives and people are worried about this. The best way to help it get lowered is by taking the blueberry supplements to your diet. These natural things will avoid all sorts of side effects that are caused in the body because of the medicines.
  • It even works well for treating the body from the diabetic symptoms.
  • Moreover it increases the memory power and the thinking ability in the children.
  • The goodness will even help from fighting against urinary tract infection.

The benefits of blueberry for skin include many advantages like it fights against acne and as well takes away the free radicals of the cells. As a result the skin always look younger and will be very healthy. This fruit fights aging properties of the skin. So there is no need to spend lot of money for the creams. Everyone knows that taking green tea will be helpful to burn the fat, in addition to that the benefits of blueberry green tea has a lot of anti-oxidants which work and bring in miraculous health benefits for the skin.

The tasty smoothies will be very tasty and everyone love to have those. The same is the case with the benefits of blueberry smoothie. This is very tasty and as well yummy. Besides that there will be lot of nutrients like calcium, potassium, anti-oxidants.


It is advised to take almost 60-120 grams of blueberries per day and the extract can be taken to the extent of 5.5 – 11g. Taking this portion of fruit in any form per day will be helpful for the body.



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