The Hidden Benefits Of The Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit is a delicious and an exotic fruit. It is often considered to be a superfood because of its various benefits. It is somewhat under the radar which means doing something without other people noticing. This quality makes it less popular than other fruits and foods. It is also known as pity or pitahaya. It comes from the genus Stenocereus and Hylocereus respectively. It remains as an important part of the dietary fruit intake. Dragon fruit comes in three varieties yellow skin with white flesh, red skin with red flesh, and red skin with white flesh. The fruits either can be sweet or sour. The taste depends on the species, shape, and size. The most common form of dragon fruit is red in color and covered in broad spiky growths. The texture of the fruit is similar to a Kiwi fruit and the meat is filled with small black seeds. This helps in digestion. The meat of the dragon fruit s used to make wine and also can be strained into other beverages. The leaves of dragon fruit can be soaked for a very healthy form of tea. The outer skin of the fruit has a less nutritional value and hence are eaten rarely.

Health benefits

1. Low Cholesterol

The dragon fruit contains a low amount of cholesterol and also saturated fats. The regular consumption of the fruit can not only be refreshing but also will help you in maintaining a healthy heart. It may be a good idea to include it in your diet if you are on a weight loss regime. the seeds present in the fruit contains omega 3 fatty acids which will help you for the well being.

2. High in Fiber

The dragon fruit is considered to be a good source of dietary fiber, hence it is not only great for the heart but also helps in maintaining blood pressure and weight. Risk of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and coronary heart disease (CHD) can be lowered by the consumption of fiber-rich foods.

3. Aids in Digestion

The dragon fruit contains high fiber content which can help bulk up bowel movements. It stimulates peristaltic motion, facilitating smooth passage through the digestive tract, and inducing a release of digestive juices. By regulating the bowel movement the fruit helps in preventing the various condition like constipation etc.

4. Antioxidant Rich

The vibrant color of the dragon fruit is filled with phytonutrients. It can provide you much-needed antioxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting the free radicals which might damage your cells and also may lead to cancer. A diet which is rich in antioxidants is said to keep your skin young and heart healthy.

5. Skin Care

The paste of flesh of dragon fruit must be made and applied regularly on the face can help in slowing down the process of waging and also can be used to treat acne and sunburn.

6. Prevents Cancer

The antioxidant quality of vitamin C which will boost the immune system. It also contains other sources of natural antioxidants. The dragon fruit contains Carotene which has been linked to a number of anti-carcinogenic qualities. It also helps in reducing the size of tumors. It also boosts your immune system and also reduces the high risk of developing cancer.

The excess eating of dragon fruit may have side effects for pregnant. The dragon fruit may also cause some skin rashes. So clean the fruit and eat them in a hygienic manner. The Dragon Fruit is also harmful to diabetics patients because of the sweetness of the fruit.


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