What Everyone Ought To Know About Shatavari

Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus. It’s a member of the asparagus family.  It is also called Satavar, and Shatamull. In Sanskrit, the herb has an intriguing name. It is called ‘a hundred spouses’. As a member of the asparagus family (asparagus racemosus), it is also referred to as the Indian asparagus. It can be found in the tropical areas of Asia, India, Australia, and Africa. It is a woody plant that usually grows in shady areas and at a low altitude.  It is an herb that will help the reproductive system heal in a positive manner. The name translates roughly to “the cure for one hundred diseases”. It is frequently referred to mothers after their delivery because it assists in the secretion of milk. Shatavari can be found in the market in the form of granules. This powder form can be mixed with milk and you can take it around two times a day for the best results.

Energetics of Shatavari

  • Taste (Rasa): Bitter, Sweet
  • Energy (Virya): Cooling
  • Post-Digestive Effect (Vipaka): Sweet
  • Quality (Guna): Unctuous, heavy
  • Body Type (Dosa): Vata -, Pitta -, Kapha +
  • Tissue (Dhatu): All Tissues
  • Channel (Srota): Digestive, female reproductive, respiratory

15 Well Known Uses of Shatavari

  1. Shatavari is a herb which has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha.
  2. This is a species of wild asparagus which grows throughout Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and the Himalayas, but can be purchased worldwide.
  3. The roots and stems of this wonderful herb are often dried and ground to a fine powder. This preserves their health benefits and allows them to be easily taken.
  4. This is excellent for regulating the menstrual cycle (periods) for women of all ages, and also reducing the symptoms of the menopause such as hot flashes and sweating.
  5. This powder is most commonly used to support the female body throughout their lives by balancing hormone levels.
  6. Shatavari Powder can be taken on a daily basis and will boost fertility and the reproductive system of both the female and male body. This increases the chances of pregnancy for couples.
  7. It helps women to shed excess water weight which is held in the body during monthly periods.
  8. It contains isoflavonoids, soluble fibers, and complex sugars which boost the digestive system and flushes out toxins from the gut.
  9. This also has a cooling effect on the body and works well to treat a low fever, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  10. It has been shown to fight harmful bacteria in the body such as Shigella dysenteriae, Staphylococcus Aerus, candida albicians, E.coli and many others.
  11. Women who suffer from a lot of white discharge from the vagina will also benefit from this herbal remedy, as this can treat infections. This is often used to get rid of thrush infections.
  12. This powder is often mixed with ashwaghanda powder, another excellent herb used in natural medicine. This works particularly well for detoxing the body of medications, cancer treatment drugs and toxins found in unhealthy foods.
  13. It increases the amount of semen produced by men, and can also boost the immune system helping to promote strength, sex drive, and reproductive health.
  14. The phytoestrogens in this herb balance ladies long-term health, preventing the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis when used throughout life.
  15. Many people have used this as a natural remedy for the leaky gut syndrome and cleaning out the digestive tract.

The Reasons Why Basil Leaves Have Taken Over The Garden

Basil is also called the queen of all herbs. It is the healthiest, sacred and wonderful medicinal ayurvedic herb. It belongs to the mint family-Lamiaceae. It is also called the aromatic herb which is full of nutrients and medicinal values. It is used to make the variety of recipes. It shows its medical importance. If you want flawless, blemish and acne free skin, you will have to use basil leaves. The word Basil traces its origin from the Greek word basileus, which means King. There are about 35 different types of basil species available. The holy herb is used in about 300 treatment cases according to the Ayurveda treatment. The herb is mainly used for the health purpose. Since the ancient times, the basil is used to treat all types of diseases from coughing to cancer. Hence it is known as the healthiest herb in the world.

Basil leaf for skin beauty

I. Acne and pimples
The basil leaves help to remove toxins from the body thereby beneficial in the prevention of acne and pimples. Applying the paste of basil leaves and neem cure acne and pimples.

II. For glowing face
The leaves must be powdered and rubbed over the face. Dry it for some time and wash off thoroughly with cold water. This is as effective as the paste of turmeric and lemon when applied over the face.

III. Skin scars
The mixture of gram flour and basil paste, when applied on the face helps to lead whitening of the skin. Tulsi has antibacterial properties while gram flour helps to cleanse the skin.

IV. Blackheads prevention
Blackheads can be prevented from coming back by using basil leaves. Blackheads are the open dead skin cells on the surface can be eliminated naturally by putting wet leaves of basil on the face for sometimes. Now, remove it and wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

V. Facial skin care tip
Before heading to the parlor for your skin, let’s try basil paste. To look younger and brighter in perspective of skin, simply rub or apply a paste of basil leaves on your face.

VI. Younger skin
Basil is full of antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and stress buster nature hence it provides younger skin.

Basil leaf uses for hair care

1. Prevention of hair loss
Basil paste is a great for the prevention of hair loss as it reduces itching in your scalp region and also enhances blood circulation in the head area. Hair loss is really becoming an alarming condition, especially before the youth today. One should use natural hair care tips instead of using artificial chemical products.

2. Dandruff treatment
The usage of Basil leaf paste on the scalp will reduce dandruff and also it helps to maintain moisturizing in the scalp region. The massage improves blood circulation, reduces itchiness and dryness. The regular massage will strengthen the hair follicles.

3. Basil leaves for weight loss
Basil leaves can also be used to reduce the weight. The use of basil leaves along with freshly prepared curd helps to maintain your weight. It can also be used to enhance the energy level of the body.

4. Grey hair prevention
The mixture of basil leaves, amla powder, and coconut oil helps to prevent grey hair. The amla powder and basil leaves must be soaked overnight and then, with the use of coconut oil in it wash your hair thoroughly using the mix.

Basil is a form of traditional medicine popular on the Indian subcontinent. It can also be regarded as Ocimum basilicum is very well known for its use in Italian cuisine. It is one of the main ingredients in pesto sauce. Basil is also commonly included in Thai, and Vietnamese and Indonesian, cuisine. Basil is of different types, which differ in taste and smell. Because of its high concentration of the chemical agent called eugenol, sweet basil is the most commercially available basil used in Italian food having a strong clove scent. It can be used to overcome certain diseases.

All you need to know about the Ambehaldi Powder

Facts about Ambehaldi

Ambehaldi which is also called  Curcuma aromatica is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. It contains curcumin, vitamin A, proteins, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Ambehaldi can be used for cosmetic and also ayurvedic  purpose. Ambehaldi  gives benefits to the skin, metabolism and digestion. It smells like a mango and is relative to ginger root.morphological resemblance with ginger but imparts raw mango flavour, hence it is also known as mango ginger. It is a less colorful root. Its rejuvenating properties are proven by traditional texts.

Key Ingredients

Ambehaldi, milk and rose water. The mixture of these can be used in variety of remedial measures.

Why choose Ambehaldi?
  • Helps in healthy digestion.
  • Supports  metabolism of health.
  • Removes toxins from the body naturally.
  • Contains anti inflammatory properties.
  • Eases menstrual cramps.
  • Improves skin complexion.
  • Cures allergic disorders.
How can Ambehaldi be useful  for the body?

It is one of the famous Ayurvedic herbs used for the skin primarily in India and Pakistan. It helps to get rid of throat infections, nasal and tracheobronchial congestion and also to get rid off dandruff and head lice.

5 Major health benefits of Ambehaldi
Fights against the signs of aging

Ambehaldi is rich in antioxidants, turmeric fights oxidative damage that causes aging signs and other health issues. It protects the body against free radicals by neutralizing it. Curcumin present in Ambehaldi also improves the activity of antioxidant enzyme of the body.

Improves the  brain function

Curcumin present in Ambehaldi improves the brain function by boosting Brain-Derives Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which is a growth hormone present in the brain. It drives the process of formation of new neuron connections. Neurons develop new connections in a specific area of the brain. Ambehaldi also helps lower the risk of brain diseases. The increased levels of BDNF delays or reverses several age-related brain damages and brain diseases.

Relief from arthritic pain

Ambehaldi gives better relief from the pain caused due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming turmeric daily can give relief from inflammation and joint pain. It also fights against free radicals.

Digestion Improvement

Ambehaldi can be used to improve digestion. We can consume it with a glass of milk. It will stimulate the production of bile improving our digestion. It also helps in bloating and reducing gas.

Lowers the risk of heart disease

Ambehaldi contains curcumin, which is very beneficial for our heart. It will improve our heart health by improving the function of the blood vessel lining which is called the  endothelium. According to various studies,it says that the curcumin improves the endothelium function. Studies also  showed that it is as effective as the drug called  Atorvastatin and also works as well as the exercises. Curcumin also reduces oxidation and inflammation, which in turn helps to improve the heart health.

Most popular home remedies that you must try
  • Take one tsp Ambehaldi and mix it with one cup of milk and boil. Let it cool and drink the mixture.
  • Take two tsp of Ambehaldi juice, mix it with milk or rose water and apply it on   face. Leave it for  about 20 about  minutes. Then rinse off. It helps to control acne.
  • Boil the Ambehaldi powder with ginger oil and massage all over the body  to overcome the bodyache.
Proven uses of Ambehaldi

It is used to relieve body pain. The digestion  will be improved with the intake of Ambehaldi. It strengthens the Immune system. Ambehaldi can be used in treating itching of Skin. It can also be used better for treating Cough and Cold.Its use in treatment of Asthma and Gastric Ulcer is very popular. Usage of Ambehaldi in Cosmetics and Skin products are impressive. The major use of Ambehaldi is in curing the diabetes mellitus.

Common names of Ambehaldi

Wild turmeric, Aromatic turmeric, Jangli haldi, lam yaingang, Ran Halad, Kasturimanjal, Kasthuri pasupa, Mango ginger.

Lemongrass Oil Health Benefits and Interesting Facts and Uses

Lemongrass, also known as Cymbopogon citrates in medical terms, is a simple herb with several advantages and uses. Besides being a delicious seasoning in cookery, most folks would never guess that this delicious grass holds such a lot healing power inside its fibrous stalks. Lemongrass is a herb that belongs to the grass family of Poaceae. It’s native to warm and tropical regions, like India and Southeast Asia. It’s used as a herb in India and it’s common in Asian cooking. Lemongrass oil has a light and fresh tart smell with earthy undertones. Hence lemongrass oil is used in aromatherapy to alleviate muscle pain, outwardly to kill microorganism. It can even be used for flavored tea, soups, and it adds fragrance to cosmetics and homemade deodorizers. Some of the important lemongrass oil benefits are listed below.

Nutritional Profile

Lemongrass has an amazing nutritional profile. Here are some highlights:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamins B1, B2,
  • Pantothenic acid

Top 5 Amazing Lemongrass Oil Benefits and Uses

Lemongrass oil for skin

The lemongrass essential oil as amazing skin healing properties. Its astringent and antiseptic properties of lemongrass oil prevent acne and improve the texture of the skin. It will sterilize your pores, serve as a natural toner, and strengthen your skin tissues. By rubbing this oil to skin improves the glow of the skin. If you’re planning to use lemongrass oil on your skin or scalp, I like to recommend you try diluting it with some water. This may reduce on the possibilities of skin reactions or irritations.

Great For Digestion

Someone once said that Happiness is: good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion. Lemongrass oil has the unbelievable ability to treat a variety of digestive disorders. It relieves heartburn, treats a peptic ulceration, abdominal distress, nausea, vomiting, and abdomen ache. The oil can also play an outstanding role in treating gastric ulcers and stimulating digestion. It additionally treats abdomen upsets and is usually taken with tea for its stomach-calming effects

Natural Insect Repellant

With its pleasing aroma and overall effectiveness, lemongrass oil has considered as one amongst the most popular natural insect repellents. Due to its high geraniol and citral content, lemongrass oil is known to repel bugs like ants, mosquitoes, house fly, etc. This natural repellent includes a delicate smell and might be sprayed directly on the skin. You can even use lemongrass oil to kill insects.

Astringent Property

The word “astringent” derives from Latin meaning to bind fast. If somebody is trauma profusely, you would like to utilize an astringent to speed up the action of the blood and stop the flow to save lots of their life. The actual fact that lemongrass is an astringent helps in an exceedingly different method too. It promotes contraction of gums, hair follicles, muscles, skin, and blood vessels. A number of these properties may be life-saving, therefore lemongrass is a vital source of astringent.

Lemongrass oil for hair

Lemongrass essential oil has healing properties, and it works as a good cleanser and deodorizer. In fact, a 2016 study found that the appliance of lemongrass oil reduced dandruff significantly. You can also add few drops of lemongrass oil to the bottle of conditioner or shampoo of your choice, otherwise, you can also massage 2–3 drops to the scalp instead of your conditioner daily. Lemongrass oil may also be a subtle reception to cut back stress and detoxify the space.

Some of the important lemongrass oil benefits are listed above. To experience the amazing benefits of the premium lemongrass oil. You can buy lemongrass oil online India at Foodzu.com.

Five Fantastic Herbs To Fight Acne Naturally

Acne is the common problem faced by several individuals and It’s ugly, it’s annoying, it’s painful, and it reduces self-confident in many individuals. When sebum gets at bay in the pores, bacteria begins to grow, the skin becomes inflamed and results in acne. Skin condition isn’t typically considered to be severe unless there will be nodules or cysts. Nodules are giant, red bumps they have terribly hard surfaces that are painful. Cysts are when these nodules fill with pus as a result of the increased microorganism growth. There are many remedies to treat acne, however, you should select the one which works good for yourself. It’s always better to switch to herbs that contain minerals and vitamins to prevent acne than wasting money on chemicals product. In this article, we’ve five of the best herbs well-known to fight acne quickly with wonderful results. One among these is sure to work for you!

Top Five Fantastic Herbs To Fight Acne

Green tea

Acne is the most common skin conditions wherever scars, cysts, clogged pores etc are formed on the face, shoulders, back, and chest. Studies have shown that adding green tea to the diet can decrease skin disorder naturally. Green tea has ample potential advantages for your skin and your overall health. Drinking green tea every day reduce sebum secretion and scale back inflammation levels, and boost your system.

Basil leaves

Basil leaves purify your blood by removing toxins. The antifungal and antibacterial agents in the leaves help you achieve this. You simply need to apply the paste made of basil leaves on your face. A face pack made of tulsi will leave an immediate glow, because it cleans out open pores, tightens skin and repairs epidermal damage. Regular use for a month or two can start showing distinctive, definitive result.

Lavender Oil

According to dermatologists, adding lavender oil to the skin routine will decrease acne. Acne is terribly uncomfortable and embarrassing condition that primarily affects young people. Lavender oil inhibits the bacteria that cause the infection, helps to control the over-excretion of sebum by hormonal manipulation. Adding a little quantity of lavender oil to favorite skin creams will reduce the acne and improves skin glow.

Neem Oil

Neem Oil is ideal for acne-prone skin and facilitates to reduce inflammation, clear up pimples and take away microorganism from the surface of the skin which will cause additional break-outs. The important compound in neem oil helps to get of rid of acne-causing microorganism. It additionally helps scale back redness and inflammation. Neem leaves are a superb exfoliant that can be utilized in a facial mask to pull out impurities and tighten pores.

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil is a colorless oil which derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves plant. It’s antifungal and antimicrobial properties can be used to treat the skin condition. This essential oil will penetrate deep into the skin and helps to unblock the oil glands. This unclogs the pores, therefore disinfecting them and reducing acne. It conjointly works as a solvent because it removes dirt and grease easily and protects the skin from oxidative stress.

It should be noted that diet conjointly plays a part in the improvement of skin condition. Avoid processed food, fried foods, as well as sugar and fast foods. Eat a lot of healthy food and include many herbs listed above that act as natural antibiotics for acne.

Therapeutic Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Herb Neem

The Neem possesses powerful health promoting properties and it is being an integral part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Namibia is the Sanskrit name of the neem tree and it has more than 130 biologically active compounds. Different part of neem trees like bark, leaves, roots, seed, gum, seed oil, fruit, and kernels are used in remedial preparations for both topical and internal use.

Neem benefits have been described in Charaka Samhita which is one of the Ayurveda’s prime text. The anti-parasitic, analgesic, antibacterial and antifungal properties of neem not only benefit health, but also can help to get rid of the common skin and hair related problems. There are numerous health benefits and medicinal uses of neem leaves. Some of the important health benefits are listed below.

Amazing medicinal uses of neem leaves

Oral Health  

The antibacterial property of neem naeliminates the bacteria beneath the gums that cause periodontal halitosis (bad breath) and disease. Neem is very important and popular ingredient in oral health products like mouthwash and toothpaste. A number of the small study states that using neem oral product prevent gum disease, enhance mouth immunity and eliminate bacteria that cause inflammation and cavities.

Diabetes treatment

Neem exact as beneficial effect to treat the non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes. It lowers demand for insulin, triggers sugar metabolism and controls the blood sugar level. Adding it to the diet helps to optimize insulin receptor function, brings down the blood sugar levels and protects against the development of diabetes. One of the main advantages of neem is it acts as a natural insulin after being digested by the body and offers long-lasting relief from diabetes.

Cancer and Chronic Disease

The recent research conducted on neem states that the highest levels of antioxidants present in neem reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Antioxidants in neem neutralize free radicals and reduce the risk of developing different types of cancer. People affected by cancer can add neem juice or neem capsules to the diet and can lower the risk of cancer and heart disease naturally.

Neem benefits for hair

Neem has regenerative, antibacterial and antifungal properties that help in reducing hair fall. enhances the rate of hair growth, conditions the hair and treats all scalp-related problems. Applying a neem hair mask will provide a deep condition for the hair and prevents scalp dryness, keeps Scalp Healthy, treat dandruff and lice.

Neem benefits for skin

The antifungal and antibacterial properties property of neem provides the miraculous effect for people with sensitive or acne-prone, oily skin. The neem contains a vital amount of Vitamin C that help to get rid of skin related problems like pigmentation, dullness, blackheads, prevents acne breakouts, treats the skin infection, controls excess oils, lightens skin pigmentation and provides clear and everlasting glowing skin.

Some of the important medicinal uses of neem leaves are listed above. To experience the amazing benefits of neem leaves, You can purchase a different neem product like neem juice, neem powder, neem soap, neem face wash, neem toothpaste, neem shampoo, neem capsules, neem oil, neem cream from Foodzu.com.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Ayurvedic herb Giloy

Giloy is a one of the most important Ayurvedic herb used in Indian medicine since ancient times. Giloy is also known as Amrita (the root of immortality) because of its immense medicinal properties. Every part of the magical herb has medicinal properties and its uses is being approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Many of us are unknown of the health benefits of giloy, therefore, here we have the little guide on glory benefits are listed below.

Medical parts of giloy herb

  • Stem
  • Leaves
  • Root
  • Fruit

Health benefits of giloy

Reduces Asthmatic Symptoms and improves vision

Asthma can interfere with daily activities in many cases it also leads to a life-threatening attack. it causes wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing, etc. One of the best way to treat asthma is included giloy in your diet. Giloy water is used to treat eye disorders, and application of giloy water to the eyes improves the vision and clarity.

Treats Diabetes

Many people suffer from type 2 diabetics and giloy is definitely helpful to treat diabetics efficiently. Giloy acts as a hypoglycaemic agent and reduces the blood sugar spikes naturally. Many researches conducted in giloy states that, the miraculous herb can lower the levels of blood pressure, lipids and makes it very easy to treat type 2 diabetes.

Boosts Immunity

Giloy as a wonderful Ayurvedic herb which helps to boost immunity. It contains antioxidant, which helps to fight against free radicals and dangerous diseases. Including in the diet helps to remove toxins from liver, kidney and flushes out free radicals. It is also been used by experts in treating liver diseases and urinary tract infections.

Treats Chronic Fever

Giloy is anti-pyretic in nature, hence it’s been used to treat chronic fever and diseases. Adding giloy to the diet reduce symptoms and signs of several life threatening conditions like Malaria, Dengue and Swine Flu. It boosts the count of blood platelets and reduces symptoms of dengue fever as well. little extract of Giloy combined with honey helps to successfully treat malaria.

Giloy juice for weight loss

Another key aspect of giloy is it acts as a weight loss agent. It enhances the body’s metabolism and eliminates the chances of fat accumulation in the body. It is also significant when it comes to improving the digestive system and in the reduction of high blood pressure. These two aspects eventually ensure to reduce obesity disorders and weight related illnesses remains at nil percent.

Some of the important health benefits of giloy are listed above. How to use giloy stem is the common question arises in everybody’s mind. There are different giloy stem product like giloy tablets, giloy juice giloy swaras, etc. Generally, can be taken morning and evening according to the various diseases. Add glory in your diet and get immense health benefits out of it.

5 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Gotu kola Herb

Gotu Kola scientific name is Centella asiatica (L.) is a small herb, that usually grows near natural water and has been long used in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition. Gotu kola herb is included in many dishes in India from ancient times. This magical herb is tasteless and it belongs to the parsley family. There are various scientifically proven health benefits of the gotu kola and some of the important gotu kola benefits are listed below.

5 Amazing Health benefits of gotu kola herb

Wound Healing

Gotu kola leaves is being traditionally used to treat wounds and cuts. The saponins and triterpenoids organic compounds present in this herb stimulates the healing process at the site of cuts and wounds. Scientific research also found that consuming Gotu kola leaves juice or application of the juice to the affected area stimulates blood flow to the cells, protects against infections and speed the healing process.

Anxiety Relief

One of the major traditional uses of gotu kola is its ability to improve memory, concentration and relieve anxiety. Triterpenoids found in gotu kola helps to protect against neural damage caused by free radicals. Including gotu kola in the diet decreases levels of anxiety, increase cognitive function and treats degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia disease.

Gastrointestinal System

Ayurvedic medicine used gotu kola leaves to treat severe pain in the stomach. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the leaves, helps to treat gastric ulcers and improves the comfort of gut and colon. Gastric ulcers are usually caused by excessive consumption of alcohol which leads to destruction of mucous membrane in the stomach. Many studies have proven that gotu kola is effective in treating alcohol induced ulcers.

Gotu kola benefits for skin

The saponins in gotu kola helps to increase the glow of the skin. Many cosmetic products include gotu kola extract, because of its ability to reduce the scar appearance on skin. Application of this magical herb extract to the skin, reduces signs of aging, wrinkles, blemishes and effectively treats eczema, psoriasis and minor burn injuries.

Gotu kola hair loss

There are various properties of the Gotu Kola herb that helps to reduce the issues causing hair loss. Including gotu kola in daily diet helps in reducing the stress, stimulates hair growth and increase in hair density and hair length.

Some of the important health benefits of gotu kola are listed above. So include it in the diet and get immense health benefits out of it.

Ashwagandha an Ancient Herb – Enhance Immunity and Stamina

Ashwagandha, one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurveda, it has been used since ancient times it is frequently referred as Winter Cherry in the west, it is small sized herb, growing up to 1.5 meters with clusters of small green flowers mostly found in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan region.

Every day our bodies requires essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to maintain our body’s balance. Taking an Ashwagandha is a highly effective way to create balance and maintain vata in the body. A study conducted says that the antioxidant, glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase levels in the body increase upon taking Ashwagandha.

Benefits of Ashwagandha Herb

  • Ashwagandha is one of the best remedies to reduce stress, intake of Ashwagandha calms the mind and promote sound, restful sleep.
  • Ashwagandha helps to enhance mental ability, problem solving ability and performance ability of the brain
  • Ashwagandha is also a proven immunomodulatory, antioxidant and hormone precursor which tends to regulate important physiological functions
  • Ashwagandha promotes general well-being and increases stamina in the body
  • Ashwagandha destroys free radicals which cause damage to your skin and increase the texture and maintains skin youthful appearance.
  • Ashwagandha interrupts cell division and inhibiting the development of new blood vessels because of this property it is used in cancer treatment
  • Ashwagandha is used in treating Diabetes, thyroid, Blood pressure, asthma, systemic lupus, stress-induced ulcers, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ashwagandha is found in a variety of forms, including the dried root, powder, capsules and tablets. Consuming Ashwagandha daily will have a positive effect on the body without any side effect and while opting  ashwagandha product make sure the quality  and  brand.