What Everyone Ought To Know About Shatavari

Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus. It’s a member of the asparagus family.  It is also called Satavar, and Shatamull. In Sanskrit, the herb has an intriguing name. It is called ‘a hundred spouses’. As a member of the asparagus family (asparagus racemosus), it is also referred to as the Indian asparagus. It can be found in the tropical areas of Asia, India, Australia, and Africa. It is a woody plant that usually grows in shady areas and at a low altitude.  It is an herb that will help the reproductive system heal in a positive manner. The name translates roughly to “the cure for one hundred diseases”. It is frequently referred to mothers after their delivery because it assists in the secretion of milk. Shatavari can be found in the market in the form of granules. This powder form can be mixed with milk and you can take it around two times a day for the best results.

Energetics of Shatavari

  • Taste (Rasa): Bitter, Sweet
  • Energy (Virya): Cooling
  • Post-Digestive Effect (Vipaka): Sweet
  • Quality (Guna): Unctuous, heavy
  • Body Type (Dosa): Vata -, Pitta -, Kapha +
  • Tissue (Dhatu): All Tissues
  • Channel (Srota): Digestive, female reproductive, respiratory

15 Well Known Uses of Shatavari

  1. Shatavari is a herb which has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha.
  2. This is a species of wild asparagus which grows throughout Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and the Himalayas, but can be purchased worldwide.
  3. The roots and stems of this wonderful herb are often dried and ground to a fine powder. This preserves their health benefits and allows them to be easily taken.
  4. This is excellent for regulating the menstrual cycle (periods) for women of all ages, and also reducing the symptoms of the menopause such as hot flashes and sweating.
  5. This powder is most commonly used to support the female body throughout their lives by balancing hormone levels.
  6. Shatavari Powder can be taken on a daily basis and will boost fertility and the reproductive system of both the female and male body. This increases the chances of pregnancy for couples.
  7. It helps women to shed excess water weight which is held in the body during monthly periods.
  8. It contains isoflavonoids, soluble fibers, and complex sugars which boost the digestive system and flushes out toxins from the gut.
  9. This also has a cooling effect on the body and works well to treat a low fever, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  10. It has been shown to fight harmful bacteria in the body such as Shigella dysenteriae, Staphylococcus Aerus, candida albicians, E.coli and many others.
  11. Women who suffer from a lot of white discharge from the vagina will also benefit from this herbal remedy, as this can treat infections. This is often used to get rid of thrush infections.
  12. This powder is often mixed with ashwaghanda powder, another excellent herb used in natural medicine. This works particularly well for detoxing the body of medications, cancer treatment drugs and toxins found in unhealthy foods.
  13. It increases the amount of semen produced by men, and can also boost the immune system helping to promote strength, sex drive, and reproductive health.
  14. The phytoestrogens in this herb balance ladies long-term health, preventing the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis when used throughout life.
  15. Many people have used this as a natural remedy for the leaky gut syndrome and cleaning out the digestive tract.

5 Best Uses and Benefits of Chives for Health

Chives, commonly called (Allium schoenoprasum) is one of the small perennial herbs of the allium family comprising of onions. This plant is native to Europe, Asia, and North America. A typical chive plant is essentially a strong smelling perennial, with underground stems and bulbs. The bulbs grow close in clusters and have an elongated form, with white firm sheaths that are generally grey. Chives have long, slender, hollow and tapering leaves that seem solely in spring. The mature plant reaches about 8-12 inches in height. Some of the important chives organic facts and benefits of chives are listed below.

Nutritional value

Apart from their distinctive unique taste chive is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Consuming chives offer

  • Vitamin K, C
  • Vitamin A, B9
  • Iron, Copper
  • Manganese
  • Tryptophan
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine, Lysine

Top 5 Surprising Benefits Of Chives

Aids in Digestion

Consumption of lots of roughage facilitates proper digestion. Chives being a superb supply of dietary fiber and roughage in the intestines and colon. Chives facilitate get rid of bacteria, yeast, and fungi in the intestinal tract, enabling proper functioning of the system. Chives also have antibacterial properties that kill salmonella and prevents constipation, diverticular disorders, and hemorrhoids

Cancer Prevention

Chives have anti-carcinogenic properties. They contain several antioxidants that may destroy free radicals and stop the growth of cancer cells and tumors. These vegetables facilitate your body turns out glutathione, an agent that allows your body to spot toxins and alternative cancer inflicting substances and eliminate them. Carotenoid is alternative antioxidant compounds found in chives, are connected to lower chances of oral cancers

Bone Strength

Chives are a vital source of vitamin k. Scientific studies suggest that vitamin-K has a potential role in bone health by promoting osteoblastic activity. Adequate vitamin-K levels in the diet help to forestall bone demineralization. Chive juice benefits the production of a bone protein referred to as osteocalcin, that is significant for maintaining bone mineral density

Detoxify the Body

Chives have mild diuretic properties, and along with other free-radical scavenging and antibacterial qualities, chives are an ideal way to detoxify the body. By encouraging elimination, chives helps to eliminate excess toxins, fat, water, and salts keeping the organ systems running efficiently and clearing out any dangerous substances that might damage the whole system.

Immune System Booster

Most of the attention gets thrown at the organic compounds in chives, however, the standard nutrients are necessary too! The high levels of the water-soluble vitamin found in chives facilitate to boost the efficacy of the system by stimulating the production of white blood cells that is a necessary element in the creation of new blood vessels, cells, tissues, and muscles.

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5 Incredible Benefits of Walnut Oil for Beauty and Health

Walnut, the single-seeded stone fruit originated from the parts of Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. The surface structure of a walnut is similar to the brain and it also enhances brain health hence it is called as brain food. Walnut oil is the oil extracted from walnuts and is employed for varied functions. It’s widely used in cookery to create a variety of delicious treats like salads, pasta, desserts etc. Walnuts have always been referred to as an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. This oil is often either cold pressed or refined and is known as one of the high-priced natural oils on the market. There are 2 varieties of walnut oil that are commercially available, cold-pressed and refined. Cold-pressed organic walnut oil consists of most of the nutrients that are necessary for our health and is hence more expensive. The refined oil, on the other hand, is low in essential nutrients and typically employed in a beauty product. Some of the important health benefits of walnut oil are listed below.

Top 5 Benefits of Walnut Oil  

Walnut oil benefits for hair

Thick and shiny hair will enhance the individual beauty. If your hair is dry and fizzy, beauty can effectively be reduced on a large scale. The significant quantity of potassium found in walnut oil stimulates the production of new cells and protects follicle health and boost the hair growth. The moisturizing and antibacterial effects of this oil also can facilitate prevent premature loss of hair and dandruff.

Reduces Signs of Ageing

Walnut oil delays and fights aging by preventing, fine lines, dark circle, wrinkles etc. Walnut oil is high in vitamin and minerals. It works wonders on the skin and is extremely recommended for those who need a flawless and ageless skin. Its vitamin B contents keep us safe from premature aging and also ensures firmer and younger skin, looking skin. All its minerals and nutrients reduce scars and improve the glow of the skin.

Protection from heart disease

Today most of the individuals are suffering from heart issues. Omega three fatty acid is one of the ways to stay off from heart disease. If you’ll be able to consume oil or walnut on an everyday basis, protection from heart condition will be attainable. Even the cancerous part which may get connected to your cells may be eradicated with the help of omega 3 fatty acid present in walnut.

Walnut oil for eyes

Sleep deprivation, stress cause dark circles and bags underneath our eyes. Application of warm walnut oil will smoothens the sensitive skin around the eyes and reduces the dark circle. Massaging lukewarm oil makes the skin healthier and restores its natural glow. The puffiness and dullness of the eyes can be reduced by adding this oil the daily skin routine.

Walnut oil benefits for brain

Walnuts are also a superfood that improves brain health. Walnuts’ omega-3 fats also are vital for supporting memory and thought process. Omega 3 fatty acid conjointly facilitates brain to transmit signals and help in memorizing. This acid is needed constantly by the brain. Walnut oil being a good source of this acid helps the brain to function better. Adding it to the diet treat age-related conditions like insanity, Alzheimer’s disease, and other memory impairments.

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5 Surprising Uses and Beauty Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is high in magnesium, and it’s wonderful healing properties once it’s dissolved into water and it will provide you a good soak. Epsom salt is small, colorless crystals that seem like traditional salt. It’s a mineral compound is magnesium and sulfate and is technically referred to as magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is the second most abundant element in the human cell and it helps to manage enzymes and also plays a vital role in maintaining several bodily functions. Research shows that a lot of folks lack this necessary mineral due to magnesium levels declining in our food and surroundings. Using Epsom salt in the house and in beauty treatments is one of the easy ways to improve magnesium levels. Some of the important beauty benefits of Epsom salt are listed below.

Top Beauty Benefits of Epsom Salt

Relaxes the body

Epsom salts are absorbed through the skin once dissolved in warm water. The Mg in the salt helps release serotonin, that is a mood-boosting chemical that provides a relaxed feeling. This will increase energy and stamina by producing adenosine triphosphate in the cells. Taking Epsom salt bath can facilitate to ease pain and relieves inflammation like headaches, sore muscles and also reduces the swelling that accompanied with sprains.

Eliminates toxins

The presence of sulfate can assist the body in flushing out the harmful toxins and thereby provides an important metal detox from the body’s cells. Epsom salt contains sulfates that flush away the toxins and alternative serious metals from the body cells. This helps to ease muscle pain and eliminate harmful toxins. Add Epsom Salt to water in a bathtub; soak for ten minutes to detoxify your body.

Epsom salt for skin lightening

Epsom salt is rich in antioxidants that block free radicals that cause premature ageing. It conjointly helps forestall wrinkles and fine lines by the exfoliating skin of flakes and dry skin that accelerates ageing. Skin infections and inflammatory conditions, as well as yeast skin conditions, can be prevented by taking Epsom salt baths.

Lessens Pain and Inflammation

Magnesium is a potent anti-inflammatory mineral. Using Epsom salt can cut back the inflammation. Inflammation results in swelling and pain. Thus taking Epsom salt bath will reduce inflammation and it slightly easier to soothe your aching joints or recover from your last tough physical exercise.

Epsom salt for acne

The best way to improve skin texture is by treating your skin with Epson salt. It acts as a good scrub and leaves behind soft and brighten skin on using it on an everyday basis. Adding this salt to the skin routine will reduce the acne and improves the texture of the skin. So what you’re waiting for simply grab some Epson salt for your bathtub today and feel the changes instantly.

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5 Amazing Fennel Seeds Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health

Fennel is an aromatic herb belonging to the parsley family. It’s used as a spice and possesses a sweet taste that’s the same as anise. Fennel seed native to the South European region, however, it is also a vital ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. Fennel seeds have a long rich history. They have been employed by Ancient Indian folks to cure snake bites and purify the body. Roman warriors believed that chewing fennel seeds strengthen their bodies. In Ayurvedic medication, fennel seeds are utilized in skincare and body detox. Fennel seeds have therapeutic edges and facilitate calm the mind and relax the body. A concentrated source of minerals like Copper, selenium, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin C, and Iron, the health benefits are more than merely beating bad breath. Here are some Fennel seeds benefits.

Top 5 Fennel Seeds Benefits


Apart from being used for adding flavor, it’s conjointly used for varied health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. These antioxidants are essential to curb unwanted free radical reactions within the body. Adding it to the diet conjointly prevents several diseases that may get serious at a later stage. A number of the antioxidants listed in these seeds are kaempferol and quercetin these reduce the degenerative reactions.

Fennel tea benefits weight loss

It is claimed that fennel seeds aid in weight loss by reducing cravings and keeping hunger away. This seeds conjointly have the flexibility to enhance nutrient absorption and reduce fat storage. Fennel seed is low in calories and wealthy in nutrients, that makes it a decent addition to any low-calorie diet plan for weight loss. Advantages of drinking fennel seed tea include increased metabolism, appetite suppressant, and mild diuretic drug.


Fennel juice incorporates a calming effect on the intestine. The anti-spasmodic properties of fennel juice will reduce intestinal cramps, bloat, and flatulence. The essential oils present in fennel juice stimulate the secretion of digestive fluid, reduces abdomen inflammation. It additionally improves the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. The roughage in fennel juice balances the digestive tract, promotes smooth intestine movements. Adding fennel seed to the diet reduces dangerous bacterium and will increase good bacteria in the gut

Fennel seeds benefits for skin

Fennel seeds provide wonderful effects for the skin. This seeds are antiseptic by nature and are loaded with antioxidant properties. As a result, they assist forestall skin problem, cell damage. Using fennel seeds as a part of skin care routine will reduce dark spots and wrinkles. Fennel seeds serve skin by providing numerous vitamins, that successively offer you a younger looking skin. Fennel tea, once consumed on a daily basis, helps in improving the overall texture of the skin because it treats skin problem and makes your skin look flawless and glowing.

Beats Bad Breath

Chewing on fennel seeds kills dangerous breath germs. Unlike other natural breath fresheners, fennel seeds additionally help to alleviate flatulence, bloating, and indigestion. Munching on some fennel seeds can sweeten and refresh breath once a meal and particularly get rid of bad breath after an odorous meal. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will kills the bad bacteria and cures sore gums.

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5 Amazing Benefits of Multani Mitti for Face, Skin, and Hair

Multani mitti is also referred to as fuller’s earth. It’s found in Multan, a region in Pakistan, therefore, it is known as Multani. In the 18th century, a small indefinite amount of lime clay was extracted from the town of Multan, and therefore the inhabitants were stunned by its superb cleansing properties. Its popularity rose so high that it got counseled for cleansing and replenishing old monuments. And now, many years later, Multani mitti has become a most effective natural ingredient in skin care routine. You can’t say that Multani mitti is barely used for the oily skin or for the fairness or instant glow you will be wondered once you come to other  benefits of Multani mitti.

Top 5 Benefits of Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti for Oily skin

Multani mitti is effective in controlling oiliness of the skin likewise. Oily skin simply attracts mud and other impurities from surrounding. These particles block the skin pores, which cause pimples and acne on the face. Multani mitti may be a blessed for oily skin people. It absorbs the excess of oil from the skin surface and makes it soft and sleek. It avoids the occurrence of pimples caused as a result of excess oil secretion.

Benefits of Multani mitti on face

Tired of that ugly acne and pimples on your face? Tried plenty of readily available product, but still no use? Stop worrying. you have a completely natural solution for your drawback. Yes, we are talking regarding ‘Multani Mitti’ or ‘Fuller’s Earth’. All you would like to do is to incorporate this in your regular face pack and say goodbye to pimples. Add Multani mitti in skin care routine and get beautiful glowing skin.

Anti-heat treatment

The main cause of hyperacidity is the aggravation of Pitta Dosha in the body. Pitta is an Ayurvedic humor that symbolizes heat or fire. There are several causes for the aggravation of pitta. In case of severe acidity, or in cases where a person suffers from Pitha issues, Multani mitti can be applied on feet. It absorbs the excess of heat from the body and cools it down. It additionally improves blood circulation, treating acidity drawback.

Benefits of Multani mitti for hair

Multani is a cost-effective method for maintaining damaged hair. Multani mitti is a delicate, yet effective cleanser that removes impurities from your hair. This makes it a perfect hair pack for individuals with oily scalps because it helps clean your hair while not drying out the natural oils. Attributable to its properties Multani removes toxins from the scalp. It improves the growth of the hair and conjointly treats the damaged hair. It repairs the damaged hair higher than any other substance does.

Multani mitti for insect bites:

Sometimes we are bitten by insects without our knowledge. This makes the skin at the positioning of insect bite inflamed, itchy and painful. If we apply Multani mitti paste to the positioning of insect bite, it provides a soothing relief to us by reducing the inflammation or swelling. This is often one the best way to treat insect bite.

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5 Impressive Health and Beauty Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil

Grape Seed oil is derived from the seeds of a grape. Due to nutritional and medicinal properties of grapes, their seeds, and leaves are employed in several home remedies since ancient times. Every grape seed yields a small quantity of oil, hence this oil is typically extracted with chemicals. The chemical extraction will have an impact on the flavor of the oil, however, it makes grapeseed oil cheap for those who need it. Grape Seed oil is also known for its intense flavor, with a significant touch of nutrients. There are two primary uses for grapeseed oil: cosmetics and cooking purpose. It’s  also typically combined with other oils to create massage oil since it glides well on the skin and it conjointly has moisturizing properties. Some of the important benefits Of Grapeseed Oil are listed below.

Top 5 Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil


A number of studies have shown that oral intake of linoleic acid will cut back the complications related to diabetes. Grapeseed oil as the vital amount of linoleic acid. Therefore, regular consumption of this wonderful oil will facilitate to lower risk associated with diabetes and visual impairment in diabetics. Doctors usually recommend one Grapeseed capsule daily.

Good Source of Vitamin E

Grapeseed oil contains a good amount of vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant that is required for the healthy functioning of the body. Compared to olive oil, it offers about double the amount of vitamin E. Hence adding grapeseed oil to the diet boost the immunity greatly and reduces the chances of the diseases.

Speeds wound healing

A recent research conducted on grapeseed oil proved that this oil represents a feasible and productive approach which boost wound healing process. The research also stated that grape seed extract boosts the wound healing process by serving the important compound that regenerates damaged blood vessels, as well increases the number of free radicals. Free radicals facilitate to clear probably pathogenic bacteria from a wound.

Grapeseed oil benefits for skin

Grapeseed oil, as ideal thickness, is additionally high in vitamins C, D, and E, all of this facilitates in reducing wrinkles and scars. The oil also provides protection against sun damage and its astringent properties that work to tighten the skin. The vital amount linoleic acid in the oil reduces the skin condition like eczema, pimple, etc. This oil conjointly acts as an ideal moisturizer balancing both the dry and oily patches on the skin.

Grape seed oil benefits for hair

Aside from consuming grapeseed oil, some folks wish to use this oil to moisturize their hair naturally. Since it’s free from artificial ingredients, it is a good source of fat-soluble vitamin and moisturizing fatty acids. The oil is good for moisturizing and conditioning dry hair, as it’s lighter than coconut oil and olive oil, and won’t leave your hair feeling greasy. Regular use of this wonderful oil can likely leave you with more attractive, healthier, stronger and even longer hair.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Arborio Rice

Everybody desires to be healthy, however only a few create the trouble to go the additional mile and adopt a healthy habits on a day to day basis. Lots of things play an important role in staying healthy. In turn, good health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart condition, stroke, some cancers, and injuries. However, with a lot of awareness towards a fit and healthy lifestyle, individuals progressively are working towards it. The key to maintaining good health is the combination of the many factors like regular exercise, good diet, stress management, work-life balance, etc.

If you been craving for some healthy substitute for traditional rice than arborio rice is a healthier choice. A healthy combination of protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates of arborio rice will provide all essential nutrient in one tasty dish. A short grain rice, grown in Italy arborio rice is made in carbohydrates and vitamins that assist you to stay healthy. Not only is it used for risottos, however conjointly in salads and curries that embody vegetables, meat, and cheese. Is Arborio rice good for you? is the common question raised in everybody’s mind? Here are some health benefits of arborio rice which convince every individual to switch to arborio rice.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Arborio Rice


According to the Dietary research conducted by Americans, in  2010, the typical American consumes 3,400 milligrams of sodium on a daily basis. High intakes of sodium increase blood pressure, and risk of the heart condition and kidney disease. For good health, the doctor recommends limiting your intake to 2,300 milligrams on a daily basis. If you already have high blood pressure, than sodium-free arborio rice makes a healthy alternative.

Is a good source of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are body’s main source of energy. They are fuel to the brain, kidneys, heart, muscles and central system. For example, fiber is a carbohydrate that aids in digestion, helps you feel full and keeps blood cholesterol levels in check. Incidentally, one cup of arborio or Italian rice contains about one hundred to one hundred ten grams of carbohydrates, the right quantity to assist you to build muscles and keep healthy.

High protein content

The protein found in foods is used by each part of the body to develop, grow and function properly. It may be argued that nothing is additional necessary than overwhelming protein foods. Because proteins are concerned in just about body function, it’s vital that you simply consume foods that high in protein. Arborio rice gives you precisely what you need. It contains concerning nine grams of protein per serving and helps with the muscle building method. So, if you’re attempting to bulk up, this rice is precisely what you would like.

Keep diseases at bay

While arborio rice does not essentially facilitate boost your immunity, it will help you stay fit, keeping diseases at bay. Arborio rice stimulates the production of enzymes and hormones, helps shield the tissues of your body, helps your body to operate unremarkably and restores health. It also aids in the transports nutrients from the digestive tract to a different part of the body by regulating the digestive processes.

Is easy to digest

Packed with vitamin A and C, arborio rice offers a daily dose of vitamins to the body. Its vitamin C content helps shield teeth and bones. A cup of arborio rice fulfills the daily demand of essential nutrients. Adding it the diet helps the digestive system to perform well and restores gut perform too. It conjointly helps beat common digestive problems like constipation and symptom.

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Top 5 Safflower Oil Health Benefits and Uses

Safflower oil is considered as one of the world’s oldest oil and its history goes back to ancient Egypt. Safflower oil comes from the seeds of the safflower plant, an annual broad-leaved crop from the Asteraceae family. The oil extracted from the seeds of this plant are a very healthy medium for cooking and is far lower in saturates than alternative vegetable oils, including the olive oil. Native to several countries of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, the safflower plant is referred to as “Kusum” in India. India is presently the largest leading industrial producer of safflower oil worldwide. Some of the important safflower oil health benefits are listed below.

5 Amazing Safflower Oil Health Benefits

Safflower Oil Weight Loss

Safflower oil will facilitate in maintaining a healthy weight and even encourage weight loss, by reducing the food craving.  Safflower oil is made of with Omega six fatty acids and Omega three fatty acids, which facilitates the body to burn fat rather than store it. The utilization of this oil will boost overall health as a result of it conjointly raises serotonin levels that cause people to feel happier.


Safflower oil is the wealthy house of omega 6 fatty acids. The high concentration of omega-6 fatty acid in safflower oil manage the level of blood sugar well and saves from the severity of diabetes. The antioxidants and omega 6 fats in safflower oil facilitate in controlling the glucose levels within the body. Its regular use is known to manage the onset of the problem of diabetes.

Boosts Immune System

Although they regulate the production of prostaglandins, safflower oil additionally contributes the omega-6 fatty acids. The omega fats facilitate in the higher functioning of the prostaglandins that are the hormones that contribute to maintaining balance within the body. Additionally, the antioxidants in this oil defend the body from the onset of assorted diseases. Adding this oil to the diet facilitate the body to operate normally, and boost the immune system, so leaving the body more protected.

Safflower Oil for Skin

The high content of linoleic acid in safflower oil makes it ideal for enhancing the standard and appearance of skin. The linoleic acid will combine with sebum to unclog the pores and cut back blackheads. The oil is capable of softening up dry areas, sleek rough patches, and even alleviate beauty woes, rising the texture and tone of the skin. It’s largely included in cosmetics product because of its skin benefiting properties.

Safflower Oil for Hair

Safflower oil is additionally rich in oleic acid, therefore it’s light and has the power to penetrate into the scalp and hair. Adding it to the hair routine will increase blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and strengthens follicles. The linoleic acid present in the oil will decreases the hair fall and improves the hair shine and vibrant, therefore it’s usually utilized in cosmetic applications.

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5 Impressive Health Benefits Of Raspberry

Wonderfully delicious, bright raspberry is among the foremost widespread berries to relish! The raspberry belongs to various plant species within the rose family. It’s a perennial fruit, and also the plant has woody stems. The rich color and juicy, raspberries are one of the foremost consumed fruits on the earth. It’s native to the Europe however nowadays wide cultivated in several temperate regions around the planet under the supervised farms. Raspberries are loaded with flavor, high antioxidants, and fewer calories. Some of the important raspberry healing properties and health benefits Raspberry are listed below.

High Nutrient Value

Raspberries are also good sources of essential nutrients like antioxidant, minerals, and vitamin  

  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin, folate
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin K
  • Copper
  • B vitamin
  • Vitamin B-6    

Top 5 Health Benefits of Raspberry

Raspberry benefits weight loss

Raspberry is high in manganese and dietary fiber. Adding Fiber to the diet slows down the digestive process and makes you feel full for longer time. In fact, the raspberry fiber content is more compared to the bran flakes or oatmeal. Manganese boosts your metabolism and thereby burns fat. If you are looking for a delicious and effective way to lose weight, raspberries may be the most effective natural option.

Cancer Fighting Properties

Raspberries are packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants. In fact, they are considered to have the highest level of antioxidants on earth, nearly 10x as much as tomatoes. Raspberries additionally contain ellagic acid, a natural phenol inhibitor found in fruits and veggies and is prevailing in berries. Recent studies stated that raspberry phytonutrients have a crucial role in lowering oxidative stress, reduces inflammation, and thereby alters the development of cancer cells.

Protect Against Obesity

Overweight greatly raise risk for serious health related problems, like high blood pressure, stroke, abnormal blood fats, diabetes, cancer, gallstones disease and a lot more. Numerous research shows the potential link between regular raspberry consumption on health. Raspberries are a good source of a phytonutrient called geosmin, also called raspberry ketone, that has the power to boost enzyme activity and protect the individual from obesity.

Raspberry benefits for the skin

The higher level of antioxidants in raspberry makes it an excellent choice for skin. The amount of antioxidant found in raspberry is 10 times more than the tomatoes hence It delays aging process of skin and builds glowing skin. Red raspberries contain anthocyanins, that are very helpful for keeping skin young and providing skin a beautiful complexion.

Raspberry benefits for the hair

Raspberries are rich in Biotin and this is essential for maintaining the hair health. Folic acids are also found in good quantities in raspberries. These are very effective for promoting hair growth. By adding raspberries to the diet will reduce hair fall and improves the hair shine naturally.

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