Eat The Right Way- The Ayurvedic Way

The Ayurvedic diet is mainly based on the ancient medicinal practices which will promote the complete balance in the physical body and also mind which will help in the prevention of various health problems. The maxim of an Ayurvedic diet is “We are what we eat”. This principle is being followed religiously by Ayurveda. This branch of ancient medicine believes that the root cause of all health problems is nutrition. The Ayurvedic recipes and nutritional elements value the individual health requirements and thus suggest that any complaint from the digestive system should never be ignored. For Ayurveda, juices play an important role in the diet system.

Ayurvedic Diets

1. Tomato Juice

100 gram of tomato must be blended with a sufficient amount of water. Make it to a medium thickness. The tomato skin must not be peeled. Make sure you will not add any amount of sugar as the addition of sugar will make the solution acidic.


  • Tomato juice is good for coronary heart health.
  • It gives strength and the lycopene in tomatoes help prevents prostate cancer.
  • The juice improves the digestion level and acts as a liver tonic with its antioxidant properties.
    It is rich in oxalic acid, citric acid, potassium, Vitamin A, B and C.
  • The juice contributes to your overall health and acts as an energizer.
  • If you are suffering from hypertension, diarrhea, bronchitis, ulcer, and sunburn, tomato juice should be part of your daily diet.

2. Melon Juice

Peel and remove the seeds of a medium-sized melon and cut into pieces. Mix them with sufficient water and put it in a juicer. You can add sugar if you need. Melon is rich in vitamin C and A. It also contains potassium and magnesium.


  • Melon juice works towards relaxing the body, removes excessive heat in the body, and its cold potency relieves tiredness.
  • A person should consume this juice to increase the Kapha levels and reduce Pitta and Vata levels.
  • It is an aphrodisiac too. It further works as a diuretic and a laxative.
  • If you are suffering from unexpected weight loss, constipation, ulcer, acidity, urinary tract infections and a lack of appetite, the melon juice is good for you.

3. Carrot Juice

Wash the required amount of carrot and peel them. Then put them in a juicer. You can add required amount of palm sugar and lime juice. Drink after stirring it. Do not store the juice.


  • Carrot juice works towards nourishing and protecting the liver.
  • It is a rich container of essential minerals like phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, beta-carotene, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, and calcium.
  • It is an excellent blood purifier, alkalizer, and an aphrodisiac. Children are usually given carrot juice to boost their immunity.
  • It is soothing, nourishing and healing in nature. It protects the body from cancer as it contains beta-carotene, an anti-cancer element.
  • If you are suffering from ulcer, piles, cold and cough, heart problems and any kind of bleeding diseases, drink a large glass of carrot juice every morning on an empty stomach.

These recipes can be consumed once in a day at any time. To get better results drink the juices for an empty stomach. Ayurvedic food is not just restricted to its juices. The recipes can be made from fruits, vegetables, and also fibrous grains. Ayurvedic diet will always keep the body glowing and energetic. Ayurvedic diet will help in maintaining an ideal body weight as all of its recipes contain less fat. It also helps in digestion and gives a radiant body. The digestion process will be fast as it contains spices like garlic, ginger, black pepper etc.

Bottle Gourd Facts, Health Benefits And Nutritional Value

Bottle gourd also called Calabash Gourd, Trumpet Gourd, and Long Squash. The immature fruit of these species is consumed as vegetables. It is pear-shaped with light green coloration. The immature fruit has white spongy flesh. It comes in various sizes and shapes with a light green color and white flesh. Bottle gourd contains more nutrients and water, and consuming its juice has been found to offer many health benefits. Bottle gourd juice effectively cleanses the system and keeps dirt, pollution, and oil under control. Bottle gourd is a kind of vines that grow in the tropical and subtropical area. Bottle gourd plants come to the family Cucurbitaceae.

Nutritional Value Of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd provides ample amounts of vitamins like vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate and vitamin A. It contains many of the essential minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.


1. Skin health

The high intake of Vitamin C reduces the wrinkles and dryness of skin. Vitamin C can lower the oxidative damage associated with stress, pollution, and poor diet. Radicals may speed up the process of aging and the adequate consumption of Vitamin C slows down the appearance.

2. Treats cancer

Bottle gourd is rich in vitamin C and the high intakes of Vitamin C increase cancer counteract effects of drugs that are used in chemotherapy. Vitamin C focus on the cells that need the nutrients whereas the drugs harm the normal cells as well. Researchers view that Vitamin C is an effective cancer treatment for the lung and ovarian cancer.

3. Hormonal balance

Zinc plays an important role in the production of hormones such as the increase in testosterone. Zinc involves the creation as well as a release of eggs from the ovaries. Zinc is necessaryl for the estrogen and progesterone in women that help in the reproductive health. The estrogen will be either too high or too low leads to the problems with menstruation, early menopause, mood swings, infertility and increase chances of cancers.

4. Liver Health

Zinc helps to reduce the infection and damage to the liver. It cleans the liver, lower inflammation, assists nutrient absorption, lower damage of free radicals and eliminates the waste from the body. Zinc improves the liver health as well as assists its functions.

5. Healthy Heart

Today, you can hear about several heart problems among people which also give rise to mild and severe heart attacks. Heart disease may be hereditary or caused due to change in like the style and improper diet routine.gourd juice consumption can keep your heart healthy.

6. Bottle gourd promotes weight loss

The fiber helps in satiating your hunger by keeping you feeling fuller for long periods of time. By drinking a glass of fresh gourd juice in the morning on an empty stomach will help you to experience positive results in your weight loss goals. To reduce your weight, drink this Bottle gourd juice daily in the morning on an empty stomach. As there is a low amount of calories and high amount of dietary fiber, vitamins present in Bottle gourd keep the body nourished and remove unnecessary appetite.

Tulsi Ghan Vati For Cold, Cough And Other Infections

Tulsi Ghan Vati with the goodness of Holy Basil or the Queen of herbs is a sacred plant in India. Tulsi has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties which help to cure a cough, cold, sore throat, nausea and fever. It helps to lower body temperature during fever. Tulsi purifies blood and strengthens liver and kidney functions. Tulsi has the anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties which help to clear mucus and also the respiratory system. It is useful for diabetic patients as it reduces blood glucose level. Tulsi Ghan Vati will also give relief from upset stomach, worms, constipation, gas, and cramps, jaundice and piles. It strengthens the digestive system. It strengthens the immune system of the body and protects from infections. It gives relief from headaches and eye pain. The tablet helps to keep the skin healthy and clear. It is rich in antioxidants, therefore, promotes cell regeneration and delays the aging process. It is also considered as the premiere divine small plant in Ayurveda.

Various Benefits Of the Tulsi Ghan Vati


The stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis is done by the Tulsi Ghan Vati.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati is helpful in pain relieving.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati is usually active against bacteria.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati is very useful in prevention or treatment of cancer.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati helps in removing excess mucus from the body.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati can be useful in controlling diabetes.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati controls the lower high blood pressure.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati is active against microbes.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati helps to neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati is effective against fever.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati is really effective against viruses.


The Tulsi Ghan Vati can also be used to prevent damage to the heart.


The damage to the liver can be prevented by the Tulsi Ghan Vati.


Modifying the immune response and also the functioning of the immune system is done by the Tulsi Ghan Vati.

The dosage of Tulsi Ghan Vati

  • This medicine contains only one ingredient Tulsi which is suitable for everyone.
  • The adult person and children above the age of 12 are recommended to take one or two tablets, two times a day with water.
  • The children between the age of 5 – 12 years can be given half of the adult dosage or half tablet two times a day.
  • This medicine should be swallowed with water.
  • You can also take it as directed by the doctor.

Tulsi means unparalleled in Sanskrit. For many years this herb has been used as primary care for treating respiratory ailments, stress, viral infections, and also blood sugar. It is regarded as the ‘elixir of life’ as it is widely believed to promote longevity. Tulsi consists of key ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus and Carotene which are essential in curing a variety of illnesses and are also very effective in maintaining healthy skin. Especially during winters, colds, coughs, and fevers tend to plague a lot of people who then end up ingesting medicines to cure themselves. Tulsi provides relief while avoiding the side effects. To experience the amazing benefits of the premium Tulsi Ghan Vati you can buy Tulsi Ghan Vati online India at

The Truth About Eating Organic Foods for Your Gluten-Free Diet

Organic food is produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Organics do not use genetically modified components or livestock feed additives and do not expose foods to irradiation. It is important to know that the standard for labeling products as organic in Australia is voluntary, and certification is offered by a number of different bodies. Each of these bodies has their own standard for certification. Manufacturers can also include the word “organic” or similar words that suggest it in a brand or product name, without certification. So, if you are looking for organic, it’s important to read the fine print. To avoid chemicals used in conventional food production the consumers buy organic. Perceived healthiness of organic food is a parameter of quality for many consumers. Some studies have found that consumers believe organic food to be more nutritious.

Is it nutritionally better?

Many people believe that organic food is nutritionally superior. This is not really backed up by the science. Research comprising of hundreds of studies has found that organic produce is no more nutritious than conventional equivalents. While vitamin and mineral levels may vary between organic and conventional produce, they also vary significantly within these classifications. Where there are differences, they are often small, and not likely to impact on health.

Is organic better for you?

Pesticide residues and heavy metal levels have been found to be lower in organic produce. While pesticides are often dangerous in large amounts, pesticide levels are monitored in Australia and are kept within safe levels, especially if you wash or peel your fruit and veg before consumption. Bear in mind that organic foods are not necessarily completely chemical free. They may be grown on land that previously had chemical exposure. Pesticides are commonly linked to cancer risk, but a study that followed 620,000 women for nine years found no differences in the overall cancer rate between those who ate organic and those who ate conventional foods.

Does it taste better?

Some people believe that organic foods taste better than non-organic. Interestingly, the scientific studies that have addressed this question show people just need to think foods are organic to believe they taste better. When conventional foods were labeled as organic, the participants rated them more highly. Lots of other research has found that growing a crop organically or conventionally doesn’t consistently affect its taste.

What about the environment?

Organic foods may have less of an environmental footprint. But this might be a privileged position. If all food was farmed using organic methods, studies show that it appears unlikely we could feed the whole world’s burgeoning population due to the significant productivity gap between organic and conventional methods. Grown with natural fertilizers (manure, compost).  Organic food consumption and sustainable diets.

Diet details

Allowed fresh foods

  • Fruits and vegetable
  • Beans, seeds and nuts in their  unprocessed forms
  • Eggs
  • Lean, non processed meats, fish and poultry
  • Most low-fat dairy products

15 Reasons Why You Should Eat Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit, also known as Chinese gooseberry, is native to Chang Kiang Valley of China, with its cultivation dating back to the late 19th century. It is recognized as the national fruit of China. The Chinese used to prepare a tonic out of this fruit – it is that nutritious! Kiwifruit season begins in August and lasts until November. Kiwi is a small fruit, and is around 3 inches in diameter. The average weight of a kiwifruit is 4 ounces. The flesh has a creamy consistency with an invigorating taste. Kiwifruits are rich in folate and vitamin E. Plus, it has excellent vitamin C and fibre, and is currently a cheap snack for school or work lunches. Eat this furry fruit if you can’t afford strawberries, lemons, rockmelons or grapefruit.

Amazing Benefits Of Kiwi For Skin, Hair And Health

1. Promotes Fairness

Vitamin C in kiwifruit may also help to lighten the skin tone.

Use the following face scrub for quick results.

You Will Need

  • 1 teaspoon kiwi paste
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon oatmeal
  • 2 drops kiwi seed oil

What You Need To Do

  • Prepare a natural scrub using all the ingredients.
  • Add a few drops of kiwifruit seed oil and stir to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply this paste evenly on your skin and massage for 5 minutes.
  • Wash it off after 20 minutes using normal water.
  • Use this scrub twice every week to get even toned skin.

2. Lightens Dark Circles

With erratic work schedules, dark circles have become a common phenomenon. Almost every other female looks for a natural cure to get rid of those ugly under-eye circles. You can defeat the dullness with the help of a small slice of kiwi. Place a finely sliced kiwi over your eyes and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the slice and wash your face with normal water. Doing this every day will help lighten dark circles.

3. Prevents Skin Diseases

The omega-3 fatty acids present in kiwi protect you from skin diseases and cancer. They also help maintain healthy cell membranes.

4. Aids Cell Regeneration

The high amounts of vitamin E in kiwifruit keeps the skin moisturized. It is used in the regeneration of skin cells and makes the skin supple and youthful. The application of mashed kiwifruit on the skin helps to transport important nutrients to the dermal layers of the skin, which help in maintaining its firmness. Vitamin C, present in abundance in kiwis, is an essential ingredient required for the production of collagen. Collagen is a connective protein required for keeping the skin firm and supple. It assists in the healing of abrasion and cuts. It also prevents the skin from becoming rough and dry.

You Will Need

  • A ripe kiwi
  • 1 tablespoon yogurt

What You Need To Do

  • Blend the kiwi and
  • Mix it with yogurt.
  • Apply the mixture to your face.
  • Massage your skin gently for a few minutes. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

5. Fights Acne

Unexpected pop-ups on the face definitely rank high on the list of mood-spoilers. Especially when you have an important event to attend, and even the heaviest of concealers are unable to mask the acne. Kiwifruit has anti-inflammatory properties. These help fight acne, thus clearing the pores to prevent further breakouts. Applying mashed kiwifruit on the skin can treat various forms of skin inflammations like boils, zits, pimples, and abscess.

6. Prevents Sun Damage

Kiwi is rich in amino acids and vitamin C that fight the harmful rays of the sun and prevent sun damage. Additionally, its cooling nature helps soothe the already affected area. For instant care, place a few slices of kiwi on the sunburned area for a cooling skin treatment.

7. Fights Hair Loss

Fruits rich in vitamins C and E can help fight hair loss and maintain hair health. Kiwi is replete with both of the essential vitamins. This tropical fruit contains minerals like magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus that stimulate blood circulation, thereby accelerating hair growth.

8. Aids Collagen Formation On Scalp

Kiwifruit contains high amounts of vitamin C that contribute to the collagen formation on the scalp. Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of nutrients on the scalp, ultimately nourishing your hair.

9. Prevents Premature Graying

Whether you are in your 20s or 40s, gray hair can always be embarrassing. But thankfully, nature has a solution for all. Kiwi fruit maintains the natural color of the hair, preventing graying.

10. Helps Fight Cancer

Cancer can be a terrifying condition, and the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ best suits the disease. I suggest you include kiwifruit in your daily diet to avoid cancer. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C that benefits us by scavenging the free radicals that otherwise damage the skin cells, and can even lead to skin cancer. Just a single kiwi can meet 77% of your daily vitamin C requirement, which is a lot. In fact, kiwi is known to contain more vitamin C than an orange and lemon combined. Also, having kiwis religiously can help prevent colon cancer. The flesh of this delicious fruit contains soluble fiber that helps promote the growth of good bacteria in the colon, reducing the risk of colon cancer.

11. Aids Weight Loss

Wondering, how kiwi fruit benefits for weight loss? Well, kiwi is the perfect solution if you are conscious about your weight, but at the same time, don’t want to compromise on the taste of your food. So, how many calories in a kiwi? 100 grams of kiwi contain only 55 calories, and its distinct taste can be enjoyed by anyone. It also contains soluble fiber that promotes fullness, thereby reducing your hunger pangs.

12. Treats Constipation

Constipation is a troublesome condition that is linked to adverse colon health, and is usually seen in the elderly and those with poor eating habits. Kiwifruit, being a natural laxative, is a known cure for constipation. Several studies have proved that having two kiwis every day is beneficial for frequent and less painful bowel movements.

13. Protects DNA

Researchers are yet to figure out which compounds are responsible for this antioxidant ability, but they are sure that they are definitely not limited to vitamin C and beta-carotene alone. It is said that the flavonoids and phytonutrients present in this amazing fruit can also be responsible for DNA protection.

14. Liver Health

Kiwi is one of the best solutions for those suffering for liver disorders. As mentioned earlier, this fruit contains more vitamin C than lemons and oranges combined, and hence, helps protect our liver from potential damage. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges the harmful free radicals and helps in cell regeneration, thus being beneficial to our liver. This is important because the liver is the only organ that is capable of replacing the damaged tissues with newer and healthier cells.

15. Mouth Ulcers

Kiwi is recommended to those who have serious cases of canker sores, a painful condition where boils appear on the inner walls of the mouth or tongue. This condition also causes difficulty while eating salty or spicy food, or even while drinking water. Kiwifruit, with its high vitamin C content, is known to soothe the boils and improve the condition within a few days.

How Garcinia Cambogia Is Effective For Weight Loss

Garcinia gummi-gutta or the Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit which is also called the Malabar tamarind can be termed as a popular supplement of weight loss. The Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit which has a shape of pumpkin which is mainly grown in southeast Asia and India.It is said that it blocks the ability of your body to make fat and also gives a break on your appetite. It will keep the check on blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The active ingredient in the peel of the fruit is the hydroxycitric acid or HCA which boosts the fat burning and cut back appetite in various studies. It will block the enzyme which is called the pirate lyase. It raises the level of the brain chemical serotonin so that you will feel less hungry. It is mainly used by most of the people because it can give a quick weight loss without changing the overall diet or lifestyle. It is been consumed in various part of Asia for many years not only for the purpose of losing weight. It is a weightless miracle drug which can reduce the stubborn body and stomach fat.

The Common Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia

  • Less desire to eat than usual.
  • Sugar addiction and less desire to eat unhealthy foods.
  • Feeling less tired and feeling happier, energetic, stronger desire to be physically active.
  • Increased Concentration and energy.
  • Blood sugar level stabilization and improved cholesterol level.
  • Reduced joint pain.

How Can Garcinia Cambogia Be Used For Weight Loss

You must understand chemicals are synthetic, and you would not want to put something artificial in your body. One of the natural weight loss ingredients that can be used to help a person lose weight is the Garcinia gummi-gutta fruit. The reason why people use this as a condiment is that it has appetite suppressant properties that make people full by eating less. It will also give a sour taste to the food when added. Garcinia gummi-gutta has been found to have other properties that can help in weight loss and health.

As an appetite suppressant
The hydroxycitric acid or the HCA in the fruit induces the brain to produce a Hormone called Serotonin.This hormone is the feel-good hormone which will give us a feeling of being satisfied and happy. Usually, people tend to overindulge in food when they are stressed or unhappy. However, if you are in a good mood you do not want to eat but you will want to be active and do other things.

As a Fat Blocker and Burner
Garcinia Gummi-Gutta works by stopping the body from converting all the ingested carbohydrates into fat deposits in the body. When this will happen, the body will then look for other means of energy. The body then naturally starts using the stored fat as fuel to generate the energy the body needs to function. In this way, you feel more energetic, and you will also be losing weight.

It has many other health benefits other than that of weight loss. It will also help to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels, and also helps with managing blood pressure. It also helps to have a night sleep. Various recipes can be prepared from the fruit peel and extracts. These parts of the fruits are used as curry condiment in the South Asian region. It is known to be one of the integral parts of sour curry. The coastal region of South India and Sri Lanka used this fruits and its components as fish curry. It acts as a flavoring agent for seafood, curry, beverage, and meat.

Amazing Benefits Of Pinda Thailam

Reasons Why You Should Use Pinda Thailam

Pinda Thailam one of the very popular ayurvedic oils given its uses in relieving pain due to a very common problem of gout arthritis. Gout is basically a type of arthritis which causes burning pain, stiffness and swelling in joints. This is also used to treat burning feet. Pinda Thailam is used in treating pain caused by gout arthritis, swelling, redness, burning feeling and pain. It is also used in the case of burning feet. Burning feet syndrome causes a burning sensation in feet along with a feeling that needles are getting pinched in his/her feet. Pinda Thailam is like a massage oil, used for people who are suffering from Pitta, those who suffer from skin problems like rashes etc. Pinda Thailam is highly therapeutic as it contains herbs that will reduce pitta. Pinda Thailam helps in curing bone degeneration and associated pain. Pinda Thailam helps prevent excessive skin exfoliation.When massaged, the oil enters into the body through the pores, which helps in softening the skin and lubricating the joints. As the oil constitutes water content the skin can breathe even when the oil is allowed to remain in the body for some time.

Pinda thailam ingredients:

  • Honeybee wax
  • Manjishtadi
  • Sarjarasa
  • Hemidesmus indicus
  • Oil of Sesamum indicum
  • Water

Pinda Thailam as Anti-aging

Ayurveda gives immense importance to anti-aging. It’s not only about looking younger but also feeling younger and healthier from within. Clinically speaking, the best way to promote anti-aging is regular oil massages which use potent medicated oils to enhance immune function, clear toxins from the body and slow down the aging process.

Pinda Thailam for Weight Loss

Ayurveda offers one of the most effective, sustainable and natural approaches for weight loss. Using a specific 24-day detoxification plan, natural herbs and medicated oil massages that mobilize fat cells, our patients typically lose over 1-stone in weight over a 30 day period. Most importantly of all, they keep it off.

Pinda Thailam for Stress relieving

Over 80% of the health conditions we experience are rooted in stress. Ayurveda has numerous approaches for reducing stress, the key one being the use of medicated oil massage treatments like Shirodhara and Pinda Sweda.

Pinda thailam in pregnancy

When the daily massage is done from early days, it helps to avoid the stretch marks, itching sensation, dark skin discoloration caused by pregnancy, reduces back pain and joint pain, stress and anxiety, improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, better sleep, provide nourishment to the fetus.

Pinda thailam for babies

Pinda oil massage increases the blood circulation and strengthens muscles and bones, It increases blood and lymphatic circulation, Enhances functions of nerves or nervous system of the baby, It removes toxins for the body and keep newborn baby healthy. Strengthening of the immune system, It increases weight gain in low birth weight infants, wonderful for preterm babies, Colour and texture of the skin is improved and it increases glow of the skin. Also reduces symptoms of eczema, Pinda oil massage nourishes the skin of a baby and makes muscles, joints, tendons resistant to stress, injuries or wear and tear, It aids a baby to get deeper and sound sleep which is required for proper growth of a newborn baby.

Pinda thailam for back pain

  • It’s natural, gentle and safe
  • Using Ayurvedic medication we can reduce the dependency on other medicine
  • Avoids the development of chronic back pain
  • Prevents further degeneration
  • Prevents the invasive medical procedure and reduces the overall health care burden

Pinda thailam for hair

A good head massage stimulates the nervous system and revitalizes the body. According to the Ayurvedic system applying pinda oil on hair and massaging it enhances strength and quality of the hair. Other than that applying oil also offers several benefits like improved sleep, calm mind, relief from a headache, prevents premature graying of hair, relief from insomnia and stress etc.

No side effects

A key advantage of Pinda oil is that the only side effects experienced are positive ones. As we use only natural approaches and remedies directly and easily available in nature, it goes with the natural systems of our bodies.

Mahasudarshan Churna An Ayurvedic Medicine For Fever

Mahasudarshan Churna which is a medicine with antipyretic effects used in Ayurveda is a main ayurvedic medicine for the management of all kinds of fevers. It can be used to reduce the amatoxin and help to fight from fevers and infections. In all types of fevers, AMA blocks the micro-channels in the body. Mahasudarshan Churna unblocks the channels which are blocked by the amatoxin and increases sweating which will help to the reduce fever. The Mahasudarshan Churna will enhance the efficacy of all the anti-infection medicines because it contains antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral actions, which will enhance the efficacy of other anti-infection medicines. It reduces the severity of different viral and bacterial infections. It can also be used to treat all types of acute and chronic fevers. It can also be used to treat fever of unknown etiology, malaria, typhoid, loss of appetite, headache, etc. Mahasudarshan Churna mainly has detoxifying actions. It will digest the AMA and reduce the toxins present in the body. It can be used to detoxify the body and reduce the blockage of channels.

The Health Conditions Where Mahasudarshan Churna is helpful

Mahasudarshan Churna can be said as the most effective and safer alternative to the manage fever. It reduces AMA factor present in the body and eliminates the toxins, which is an ideal treatment for fever. When a person has a fever, it helps to reduce the fever and when a person does not have a fever, it helps to prevent fever.

Acute Fever
Mahasudarshan Churna can be used to reduce the acute fever. It must be taken as the dosage of 2 gram and must be repeated at the interval of 4 hours in acute fever. It will provide the best result to prevent body ache.

Chronic Fever
Few people may suffer from a low-grade fever and also experience some unusual fatigue and also body ache. In such case, the patient might also suffer from laziness, loss of appetite etc. It is the symptom of Chronic fever which can be treated by, using Mahasudarshan Churna dosage of 1 gram 3 times a day with warm water. For the best results, the following combination can also be used two times a day with honey.

Along with other medicines like Tulsi and other herbs, MahaSudarshan Churna helps to manage fever. When a patient gets relief from typhoid and it recurs due to poor dietary habits or ill lifestyle, then Maha Sudarshan Churna is also useful.

Common Cold
When a patient has sneezing problem, watery discharge from nose, and also a nasal discomfort then Mahasudarshan Churna is a very good remedy for a quick relief from it. In addition, Black Pepper Powder must also be taken in dosage of 500 mg three times a day along with honey.

Jaundice is the condition in which the color of the skin and eyes turn yellow. If your body contains too much bilirubin which is a yellow pigment caused by the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver then it is said you have been caught with jaundice. It is not actually a disease but it is a symptom of some other underlying disease.

Anemia is a disease where the count of the red blood cells or the hemoglobin will be lesser than the normal amount. In the male, the anemia condition is termed as the amount of hemoglobin lesser than 13.5 grams/100 ml, while in the female, it goes 12.0 gram/100 ml. Anemia may affect a person either due to the increase in the production of red blood cells or hemoglobin or the increase in destruction or loss of the same. The symptoms of anemia include feeling tired, becoming easily fatigued, pale appearance, worsened heart and body conditions etc.

Dosage And Side Effects of Mahasudarshan Churna

The amount of Mahasudarshan Churna that can be taken by children is 500 mg to 2 gram whereas the amount that can be taken by the adults is 2 to 4 gram. The maximum amount of Mahasudarshan Churna that can be taken is 500 mg thrice a day mixed with honey.

There are no side effects that are caused by Mahasudarshan Churna but because of its bitter taste, some people with sensitivity may feel nausea. This side effect is temporary because the bitter taste will last for only a few minutes in the mouth.

Unbeatable Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery

Palm Jaggery called as karuppatti in Tamil is the natural sweetener and an Energy food. “Karuppati” has rich calcium content and blood purifying properties. The process of making jaggery does not involve any chemical components and hence all the natural mineral salts are retained without adding any preservatives or chemicals. Jaggery contains various medicinal properties and other health benefits. It is a relatively unprocessed sugar. While manufacturing processes in sugar utilize chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, lime, and other bleaching agents, jaggery is prepared in a natural way, without removing minerals. Palm jaggery is an excellent substitute for white sugar. Palm Jaggery is said to have more nutritional and medicinal value than cane sugar. Jaggery is used from ancient times to treat problems such as dry cough, common cold and asthma. It is used in treating problems like indigestion and constipation. Jaggery features in supporting of relaxation of muscles, nerves and blood vessels, thus enhancing their functions. benefits of palm jaggery includes Rich in vitamins, Storehouse of minerals, Blood purifier, Treats respiratory ailments, Good for digestion, A cleansing agent.

13 Amazing benefits of palm jaggery

1. Contains High Amounts of Minerals

Palm jaggery contains high amounts of minerals, which are essential for a healthy body. As compared to white sugar, palm jaggery contains more amounts of vitamins too. The vitamins and minerals present in palm jaggery help in maintaining your health.

2. Contains many healthy nutrients

Palm jaggery contains a number of nutrients, which are beneficial for your  health. It contains a high amount of iron, which makes it very helpful in treating anemia by increasing the level of hemoglobin. It also contains magnesium, which keeps our nervous system healthy. It contains a high amount of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

3. Helps in improving Digestion

Palm jaggery is considered to be very effective in keeping your digestive system healthy. Consuming small amount of palm jaggery after having your meals helps in cleansing your intestinal tract ,thus help in improving digestion.

4. Helps in boosting energy

Consuming palm jaggery helps in keeping you energetic and lively for a long period of time. Consuming palm jaggery keeps digesting food faster and also helps out in releasing out energy.

5. Helps in cleansing your body

Palm jaggery is considered to be very effective in cleansing your entire body system. Consuming palm jaggery reduce in eliminating all unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your body healthy. It helps in cleansing the intestines, stomach, lungs and intestinal tract.

6. Provides relief from constipation

Palm jaggery helps in providing a relief from a number of digestive disorders such as constipation, indigestion and improper bowel movements. The dietary fibers present in palm jaggery help in stimulating the bowel movements and cleansing your entire body.

7. Helps in providing relief from a migraine

Palm jaggery is considered to be a very effective remedy for providing relief from a migraine. The medicinal property present in palm jaggery helps in providing relief from this pain.

8. Helps in curing many common ailments

Palm jaggery is very effective in curing many common ailments, such as a dry cough, cold and asthma. The medicinal properties present in palm jaggery helps in clearing your throat and providing relief from a dry cough and cold.

9. Helps in weight loss

The high amount of potassium present in palm jaggery helps in reducing the retention of the water content in your body , thus preventing you from gaining weight and looking bloated.

10. Helps in the proper functioning of the body

Palm jaggery is extremely beneficial for the proper functioning of the body. The minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus present in palm jaggery help in making your body healthy.

11. Palm jaggery during pregnancy

Purifies your blood,Nourishes the skin, Regulates blood pressure,Rich source of Antioxidants, Prevents Anemia, Minimizes risk of digestive disorders, Reduces Joint pain.

12. Treats Menstrual Problems

Jaggery, due to its richness in many essential nutrients, is an effective natural treatment for many menstrual problems. It also helps in providing relief from cramps and stomach ache that are associated with menstruation.

13. Beauty treatment

It has natural properties that ensure that the skin stays healthy at all times.

  • Nourishes The Skin :Jaggery is rich in many vital vitamins and minerals, allowing it to provide nourishment to every part of the body, including the skin. When your skin gets proper nourishment, it can stay glowing and healthy.
  • Treats Acne and Pimples: Jaggery helps in preventing many skin problems such as acne and pimples. It also delays the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, etc.


Efficacy Of Avipattikar Churna That You Must Know

Avipattikar Churna is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine. It is used for conditions like hyperacidity, gastritis, burning ache which is caused due to excess acid, loss of appetite and indigestion. It is an Ayurvedic medicine used for treating gastrointestinal complaints. It is beneficial for the management of constipation and gastritis. It contains very powerful medicinal herbs, which help in supporting the functions of the digestive tract and relieve the symptoms of the diseases. It can also be used to treat various urinary disorders which cause a difficulty in passing urine or painful urination.The Powder can be used in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating, ascites, obesity etc. It is one of the effective medicines of Ayurveda. Following an unbalanced diet will often lead to many problems that are related to digestion. As Avipattikar Churna is a combination of herbs and natural extracts which can reduce the acidity in the stomach. It also relieves heartburn and discomfort. It will also reduce the gas formation and induce intestinal movements. Is it can reveal constipation. It also stimulates the production of digestive enzymes. It can also help in the absorption of nutrients. Avipattikar Churna can be taken for a complete recovery from all kind of digestive ailments.

The Herbs and Ayurvedic Ingredients Used In The Preparation

  • Misri
  • Amla
  • Bibhitaki
  • Black Pepper
  • Long Pepper
  • Haritaki
  • Mustaka
  • Dried ginger (Sonth)
  • Vaividang
  • Green Cardamom
  • Clove (Laung)
  • Turpeth (Nishoth)
  • Tejpata

The Various Health Conditions That Can Be Treated Using Avipattikar Churna

I.Intestinal disorders

Avipattikar Churna helps in the digestion of the food and prevents bloating and flatulence. It will support the growth of healthy microbial flora, which will help in boosting digestive functions. Avipattikar Churna will also help in treating other digestive ailments such as constipation, and indigestion. The main ingredient of this medicine, Amla, which is believed to be the most beneficial ingredient in treating intestinal problems. It is an excellent antioxidant, which fights against the unwanted free radicals and toxins in the gut and hence it ensures proper functioning of the digestive organs. It also activates the action of digestive juices. Avipattikar Churna also helps in stimulating the functions of the liver and improves the metabolism of food. It can also be used in the treatment of piles.

II.Stomach complaints

Avipattikar Churna which is a combination of Ayurvedic herbs can help you in giving a relief in the symptoms of various gastrointestinal problems. It is used for treating gastritis, and peptic ulcers. Avipattikar Churna works well for the balancing of the pH levels in the stomach and also helps to control hyperacidity. The natural herbs present in this powder reduce the production of acid in the stomach and protect the stomach mucosa from the damage caused by the acidic reactions. It acts as an appetizer and thus, is given to the patients who have loss of appetite because of a range of disorders like depression, peptic ulcers, and cancer. Avipattikar churna is a wonderful remedy for treating heartburn. It will sooth the lining of the stomach and the esophagus. It also gives quick relief from sour eructation. This action of Avipattikar Churna is very beneficial in the management of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder) that occurs due to the backward flow of acid from the stomach into the esophagus. It reduces the damage caused by the acidic reflux into the esophageal mucosa and thus prevents the development of esophageal ulcers and also cancer.

III. Urinary complaints

Avipattikar Churna can also be used in the treatment of urinary disorders such as renal stone and urinary infections. It acts a strong antibacterial agent. It will ensure the destruction and elimination of the bacteria in the urinary tract, and thus, helps in treating urinary infections. It helps in the difficulty of initiating urination and frequent urination with a few drops of urine. Avipattikar Churna is very effective and can even work alone in removing the kidney stones.

Avipattikar Churna has anti-inflammatory action, but this action is more visible on kidneys. It also reduces the various kinds of inflammation of kidneys, glomeruli, interstitial tissues and tubules. Therefore, it is effective in all types of nephritis including glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis, and tubulointerstitial nephritis.

How Can Avipattikar Churna Be Used

1 or 2 gram of the Avipattikar Churna powder must be taken once or twice a day. Patients can increase the dose to 5 grams, once a day, if the symptoms are very severe. The powder must be taken with a glass of water or coconut water to minimize gastric irritation. The medicine can be taken preferably at night. Patients are advised to take the doses just before the meals or in between meals. If they are using any other medicines, then they should leave a gap of half an hour between the intake of it and the other medicines.

Few Side effects of Avipattikar Churna

Avipattikar Churna is not known to cause very serious side effects. It is a pure, natural formula containing herbal ingredients. It does not contain any chemical constituents. Hence, it is safe to use. Patients may develop mild gastric complaints in some cases. Some of the other side effects include diarrhea, abdominal pain, watery stools, and even dehydration. These side effects may occur if the medicine is administered in a very high dose. They should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. The children below 12 years must not take the powder unless prescribed by a doctor.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from using this medicine. Diabetic patients should desist from using this medicine, especially if they have uncontrolled blood sugar levels because it contains sugar. People using Avipattikar Churna need to follow some precautions. They should eat easily digestible foods.They must not skip any meals or stay hungry for long periods. It may result in a higher secretion of stomach acid and increase their digestive problems. They should also avoid eating too much spicy or fried food.