Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has long been the calming gelatinous plant, used for almost all kinds of healing. Inside the plant lies the soothing and cool gel that can miraculously heal almost all sorts of cuts, wounds and burns. The leaves of the plant form a rosette and despite the spiky look and feel it is quite majestic and long-legged. Aloe vera is a very popular plant. Thanks to its wide range of health applications. Its benefits have been known for centuries. But it was only lately that its uses have been greatly introduced to the market.

A few benefits

  • Having aloe latex by the mouth can actually help you reduce the source of constipation.
  • O.5% extract of aloe cream, if used 3 times daily helps increase the cold sore healing rate in men.
  • Itchy skin, rashes on the skin and mouth can also be healed by the usage of aloe vera. Usage of a mouthwash daily, for 8 weeks can result in reduces pain in association to itchy rashes formed in your mouth.


1. Treat constipation

This is one of the best things about this plant. It encourages proper elimination of waste, especially if you are constipated. However, when you sip it, you should not expect instant results. You will need to wait for at least an hour or so to get things going. But do not rely on this natural constipation treatment for so long as it can be dangerous to your intestinal lining.

2. Stimulate metabolism

Some weight loss experts do encourage their trainees to drink at least a cup of this plant’s juice once or twice a week to stimulate their metabolism. By stimulating your metabolism, your body tends to burn more calories faster than its normal range.

3. Activates immune system

The aloe vera juice has the ability to boost immune system. Thus, it makes it an effective agent in boosting your immune function to further help in fighting against HIV-AIDS and ceratin types of cancer.

4. Reduce blood sugar levels

It is not clear yet as to how it can lower someone’s blood sugar. However, in early researches, scientists suggested that somehow it can lower the sugar levels of those suffering from type-2 diabetes. Many researches must be done for better understanding of its effects on blood sugar.

5. Lower blood cholesterol

Taking aloe vera juice can lower cholesterol, according another study. But, just like its effects on levels of blood sugar, more experiments are needed to know how such plant provide this type of uses..

6. Reduce inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant can help in reducing the inflammation and irritation caused by burns and wounds. Now, this has been proven by a lot of users of this plant. Although it does not treat those wounds instantly, it can speed up healing time. However, contrary to what other people believe, it does not remove scars.

7. Detoxify the body

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of aloe vera can help in cleansing your body and eliminating harmful chemicals that have been accumulated in your system.

You Must Know Why Drinking Warm Water is Beneficial

There are incredible benefits of drinking a warm water which is usually unknown to many people today. According to the Indian and Chinese culture of medicine, a day, if started with the glass of water, will help you to kick start the day and also your digestive system. Drinking of warm water will also provide you with a lot of health benefits. Keep in mind that it must not be hotter but better. You can also add lemon to the hot water to fire up your metabolism according to various studies. The water must be kept to a limited temperature so that you can avoid the damaging of the epithelial cells in your throat and mouth. It also can help in cleansing the intestine of your stomach.

I. Cleansing of the digestive system

One cup of warm water early morning will help to cleanse your body by taking out all kinds of toxins. The digestive system will be kept on track by breaking down all the toxins. Consumption of warm water will help in breaking down the food inside your stomach. Drinking warm water after the meal will help to aid digestion.

II. Aids Constipation

Constipation is a condition where there will be bloating and strain during the elimination of waste from the body. It is mainly caused due to the lack of water. To improve your bowel movement then you need to take a cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. It will help in the breakage of food and helps in the passing of food smoothly from the intestine.

III. Alleviates Pain

Warm water can help in alleviating all kinds of pains from headaches to menstruation. The heat which is produced from the water will have a calming effect which will give an instant relief from muscle spasms and cramps. The hot water will increase the blood flow to relax the skin and the cramped muscles.

IV. Increase metabolic rate and reduce weight

Drinking of hot water in the morning will help you increase the metabolic rate of your body. Warm water will help to increase the body temperature hence there will be an increase in the metabolic rate. The increase in metabolic rate of the body will help to burn more calories.

V. Improves Blood Circulation

The fat which is deposited in the body is eliminated with the deposits in the nervous system. This can be done by drinking a glass of warm water. It helps in flushing out the toxins which are in the body and helps in enhancing blood circulation. It increases the blood flow rate in the body. The functionality of gastrointestinal tract and kidneys will be better with the consumption of warm water.

VI. Relieves Nasal Congestion

The warm water consumption will help you in relieving the nasal congestion because of the warmth present in it. Steam will be created because of its warmth. Inhaling a cup of warm water will loosen the clogged sinuses and also helps in relieving the sinus headache. Due to this, there will not be any mucus build up.

Everything You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

Coconut flesh that you find inside the coconut shell, is rich in potassium, manganese, and copper. There are many benefits of coconut oil which can be experienced by almost everybody. The oil has the potential to positively affect the quality of one’s hair, skin, body, and health. It can be used not only as an edible substance but can be applied topically as well as being included as an ingredient in a host of other products, such as in candles or soap. There are many ways in which to enjoy this product. Coconut oil truly is an amazing product that has grown in popularity, and rightfully so. It provides the good fats that we need in our diet, has a very high heat tolerance making it perfect for cooking, and even has antifungal properties among many other health benefits. The oil from coconut also contains a very rare natural fatty acid called lauric acid. It has antimicrobial properties that destroy viruses and bacteria. You can actually put coconut oil on cuts and burns because not only does it kill bacteria, but it also provides a protective barrier from bacteria and infection. Lauric acid is also known to increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body, or in other words, increases the “good cholesterol”. This promotes a healthy heart and less risk for heart disease.


I. For Cooking Purposes

Most people are unaware of the fact that coconut oil is a good and healthy alternative to butter while cooking. It is even a much better oil than olive oil since olive oil can release toxins when heated to a certain level. It can be replaced as the primary oil in any baking recipe.

II. Beneficial for Health

It can also be consumed in various other forms to provide numerous health benefits. Taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning and evening can aid in reducing cholesterol levels, provide nutrition and energy to the body.

III. Good For the Skin

Buying coconut oil can be utilized as a lotion to keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth. The many vitamins and fatty acids in this oil provide immense benefits to skin and hair. For the skin, this product can be used for its moisturizing properties. It is perfect for dry skin and has been proven to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin due to the aging process. This is because of the antioxidants it contains, as well as the fatty acids which are antiseptic. Most importantly, the Vitamin E contained within the oil is responsible for healing scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

IV. Repairs Cracked Soles

It is a great remedy for the cracked skin as well to repair it, and make it smooth again. Because of its conditioning properties and Vitamin A, it aids in cell turnover rate. This means it is constantly pushing young skin cells to adulthood, thus increasing in cell growth.

V. Makeup Remover

As it is not damaging to the skin and it is extremely gentle and moisturizing, coconut oil is a great makeup remover (and after makeup moisturizer).

VI. Hair Conditioner

This is one of the most commonly known uses. Its unique properties make it an excellent conditioner for dry hair. Applying the oil to hair before taking a shower can provide it with the natural conditioning it needs to prevent it from appearing dry, dull, and lifeless.

VII. Kills Lice

Lice can be a menace that needs immediate attention. Use coconut oil with apple cider vinegar in your hair to rid yourself of lice and get healthy and clean hair again. Its an all natural treatment without the use of any harsh chemicals.

VIII. To Season Iron Utensils

If you want to make your iron utensils into a non-stick version, season them with the oil and cook your food without the fear of its sticking in the pan.

IX. Helps to Lessen Arthritis

When used as a massage oil, it can help in lubricating your bones and reduce the painful effects of arthritis.

X. Weight Loss

People who wish to lose weight rapidly should consume coconut oil every day to see the results of an amazing weight loss.

XI. Bug Repellent

Lastly, it is a natural bug repellent, and it also brings relief to the itching effects of a mosquito bite.

5 Important Benefits Of Having Fruits In Daily Life

The best gift that Nature provides us is fruits. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, too. They can be sweet, sour, or at times bitter. They are as well varied in shapes, colors, and sizes. They are, without question, healthy to eat. They can be picked directly from one’s backyard or farm and can be purchased at the supermarket for a few dollars. They exist everywhere. There’s no reason why you can’t have them now. Fruits and Veg are 100% natural- (especially organic). But, organic or not, they will certainly do wonders for your nutrition intake. All fruit and vegetable are grown from the good green earth and if no preservatives or pesticides have been added to them they are completely natural.

Health benefits of eating fruit include:

  • Helps in controlling and losing weight
  • Helps you gain energy for daily chores and exercises
  • Prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Minimizes the risk of developing cancer
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Minimizes the chances of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Slows down the aging process

Five reasons why you need to eat fruits every day are

I.Full of Nutrients

They are full of nutrients, specifically vitamins, and minerals. They’re packed with antioxidants, too. They’re excellent for your health because they naturally contain nutrients and anti-oxidants. Certain fruits provide certain nutrients, to ensure that you get the right balance and combination of nutrients, eating lots of varieties of fruits is a wise idea.

II. Provide Energy

They provide energy naturally. They are energy boosters. If you expect to obtain energy naturally, eating fruits regularly is the way to do it. Having fruits before and after exercise is a great idea. With it, the energy will not be lost no matter how hard you exercise. So, don’t forget to eat fruits if you plan to exercise today.

III. Good for the Skin

They are good for the skin. They, after all, contain lots of water and fiber. Individuals with good-looking, healthy skin are usually fruit eaters. If you want to be one of them, then do not forget to chew any kinds of fruit any minute or any time of the day. When you’re eating them on a daily basis, you’ll be ending up with clear, healthy, glowing skin. And that’s a fact.

IV. Eliminate Certain Illnesses

They can be your natural medicines. They are free from toxic or unwanted chemicals. Thus, using them as environmental medicines to certain illnesses is a great idea. For example, if you have high blood pressure or asthma and you want these illnesses to be treated in a natural way, eating any types of fruit daily is your best way. It is through it that you’re able to gain your old back self again, that is healthy and strong. Such strategy has been used for over a century already.

V. Perfect for Sleeping

They are perfect for sleeping. Bananas and nuts are the best instance of that. Mentioned fruits are termed as natural sleeping tablets to some individuals. Certain elements present in Bananas and nuts help you sleep better and soundly at night. That explains why some individuals would take in bananas and nuts prior to sleeping.

5 Summer Fruits & Their Benefits To Keep You Cool This Season

You can refresh yourself in summer with the help of fruit juices. These delicious, healthy juices can refresh you and replenish your depleted energy levels. Even though juices can be enjoyed any time of the year, they become much more enjoyable during summers. You can prepare tasty health drinks at home which can provide you with important nutrients like proteins and vitamins and also help in overcoming the effects of the scorching summer heat. As you might be aware, fruits are very important for our body as well as for a healthy skin. Fruits consist mainly of water and fiber, but they also provide a lot of other important nutrients like on regular basis, especially in summer season. The problem is most people do not like to consume whole fruit. Such people can enjoy juices made from them. Fruits provide nutrients which are essential for the growth and healthy functioning of the body. They provide us energy and help in regulating our metabolism. They contain minerals which are necessary for the nerves and muscles of our body. However, keep in mind that fruit juices should not be used as substitutes for whole foods, but as supplements. They can be a perfect food supplement, specially for our eat-on-the-run lifestyles. You can make a glass of juice easily and quickly. Vitamin C present in some juices can be good for the skin. If you regularly drink juices which are rich in Vitamin C, you can notice a significant improvement in the smoothness and beauty of your skin. Vitamin C also helps in joint flexibility and is good for the hair.

I. Watermelon

Ripped only in summer, this big red ball of health is filled with water and taste. The amount of water present in this fruit helps you in being hydrated and keeps your body cool. Watermelon also acts as in defense and protects your skin from sunburn. You won’t get food cravings after its consumption, it keeps your stomach feels filled. It is also good for people with high BP but in a limit. This one ought to be consumed almost every day in summer.

II. Mango

Mango is called the king of fruits. There are many reasons for calling it so and one of them is the long list of its benefits. It is proven by research that mango prevents cancer. Mango, when mixed with milk, becomes a source of strength. Immunity is increased by drinking Mango shakes and it gives you the power to perform better. Mango contains Vitamin A which helps you by providing you with good eyesight Mangoes will break down protein and improve digestion. Like oranges, mango is also beneficial for skin. Those skin pores you can’t get rid of, mango removes them.

III.Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is very popular during summer season because it quenches our thirst and re-hydrates our body, giving us the instant burst of energy. It is also effective in fighting against prostate and breast cancer.

IV. Litchi

Litchi comes little late in summer but it is worthful the wait. The taste of litchi is extremely good., plus it is also a source of nutrients. Apart from the taste, litchi also performs exceptionally well in health factor. It contains Vitamin B & Vitamin C and minerals like magnesium and potassium. It is also proven to be helpful in asthma. The incredible benefit of Litchi is it fights against cancer. The minerals help in proper blood circulation throughout the entire body. It prevents signs of aging and promotes hair growth as well.

V. Oranges

Oranges are sweetest, juiciest summer fruit full of nutrients. Orange is low in calories and keeps your blood pressure in check. Orange is also a source of Vitamin C which is the most required vitamin in your body after an age. Vitamin C is also ana substance that inhibits oxidation that is also helpful in skin damage caused by sun rays. Not only oranges, but their peel also works wonders on your skin. It lightens your skin tone and erases all the scars and shades. Orange juice is another good source of Vitamin C.

12 Surprising Benefits Of Sugarcane Root Juice For Skin, Hair And Health

Sugarcane is a tall perennial plant growing erect even up to 5 or 6 metres and produce many stems each of which consist of a series of nodes separated by internodes. The plant is made up of four principal parts, root system, stalk, leaves and inflorescence. Sugarcane has no fats. It is, in fact, a 100% natural drink. It has about 30 grams of natural sugar.Thus, you need not have to add extra sugar for sweetness.

Benefits Of Sugarcane Root Juice

1. Dental Health

Sugarcane root juice is one of the fine sources of minerals that are required for making the teeth strong. It contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. These minerals help keep the enamel and jaws strong. They prevent tooth decay and cavity formation. They check bacteria build up in the mouth and prevent gum diseases.

2. Treats Febrile Disorders

Febrile disorder is a condition where the affected person has high temperature and illness. This also results in the loss of nutrients and sometimes it cause seizures, particularly in children. Sugarcane root juice helps to restore the lost nutrients and hydrates the body. Thus, it helps reduce temperature and promotes healing.

3. Digestive Aid

Sugarcane root juice contains a considerable amount of potassium. Potassium is an important nutrient for enabling muscle contraction. Contraction of the intestinal muscles helps the digested food move fast through the intestine and improves absorption. Thus, drinking sugarcane root juice minimizes digestive issues, prevents malabsorption and wards off constipation.

4. Diabetic Friendly

Sugarcane root juice is safe for diabetic patients. It is a beverage with low glycemic index. It contains natural complex sugars.

5. Acne Cure

Face pack made up of sugarcane root juice and multani mitti helps cure acne effectively. Just mix a little juice with multani mitti to form a paste. Apply this on your face. Wash it off after 20 minutes to get clean and clear acne free skin.

6. Skin Health

The juice contains minerals that are essential to maintain skin health and compounds that help with cell rejuvenation. The antioxidant effect of sugarcane helps in making your skin supple, soft and healthy. Also, it delays the aging signs.

7. Hair Health

A nutritional deficiency can be the reason for hair loss. The hair would become dull and lifeless when the body lacks certain minerals. Sugarcane juice is an excellent source of minerals that support hair growth.

8. Ensures Safe Pregnancy

Pregnant women can use this sugarcane juice in their diet, as it facilitates safe pregnancy. The vitamin B9 and traces of folic acid present in sugarcane prevents birth defects in the foetus.

9. Combats Cancer

Fatal diseases such as cancer, especially breast and prostate cancers can be prevented by drinking sugarcane root juice regularly. Recent studies have revealed that the flavonoids present in the juice helps in inhibiting the increase of cancerous cells.

10. Weight Loss

The juice helps in getting rid of toxins by cleansing. It also improves metabolism and helps in gradual weight loss, when the juice is consumed regularly along with coconut water or lime juice.

11. Prevents Burning Sensation

Consuming sugarcane root juice regularly helps in curing the burning sensation experienced while passing urine in case of urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted disease, kidney stones and prostatitis.

12. Strong Nails

The juice contains essential nutrients required for strong nails. It strengthens the nails naturally and prevents the nails from becoming discolored and brittle.

8 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

It is one of the most widely consumed fruits on the planet. And that’s incredibly good news (we will tell you why a little later). The scientific name of the fruit is Musa acuminata Colla. Banana is called kela in Hindi, arati pandu in Telugu, vazhai pazham in Tamil, bale hannu in Kannada, and ethapazham in Malayalam. The fruit is variable in color, size, and firmness. Though there is no sharp distinction between bananas and plantains, the former is the softer variety while the latter is more firm.

Health Benefits Of Bananas

1.Enhance Brain Health

Bananas are also rich in vitamin B6, which improves cognitive function.The magnesium in bananas facilitates the electrical activity of the nerve cells in your brain. More importantly, the cells in your brain utilize glucose as fuel. Since our brain cannot store glucose, we must regularly supply it. Bananas release their sugars slowly into the bloodstream, and your body uses this sugar more gradually than refined sugar this provides a steady supply of glucose to your brain. The potassium in bananas also keeps the oxygen levels in the brain cells normalized. The fruit is also rich in manganese that is known to prevent brain conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. The serotonin and melatonin in bananas promote stress relief. Eating bananas regularly can improve brain power and nerve function. They help boost concentration as well.

2. Promote Bone Health

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, potassium in bananas is good for bone health. Bananas are also good sources of silicon, which, as per certain preliminary studies, can contribute to bone health. And the magnesium in the fruit is another important nutrient for bone structure. Foods rich in potassium also produce alkali in the body to maintain the acid-base balance. This is important to note because when a body is acidic, the bones get a signal to neutralize the acid – and the bones tend to achieve this by breaking down to release the alkali. But potassium-rich foods can prevent this and allow the bones to maintain their structure. In other words, potassium consumption can prevent calcium loss from bones. Potassium intake has also shown to improve bone density in senior women. The study also links long-term potassium intake to a reduced risk of osteoporosis. Another American study links potassium consumption to the prevention of age-related bone loss.

3. Promote Digestive Health

Bananas help restore normal bowel function. And since they are rich in fiber, they are what you must be looking for digestive health. Potassium plays a major role in muscle function, which is why it can aid in this process. Bananas are rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber. The former adds bulk to your food and aids in its smooth movement – it also helps you feel full after a meal. Soluble fiber improves the health of your intestines. It also slows down the absorption of fats and carbs, keeping your blood sugar levels in a healthy range. Since bananas are natural antacids, they can help neutralize stomach acid and aid in ulcer treatment. Another component in bananas, leucocyanidin, increases the thickness of the mucous membrane of the stomach – this offers additional protection from ulcers.

4. Whiten Teeth

Though there is limited research, certain reliable sources say that the potassium, manganese, and magnesium in ripe banana peels help whiten teeth. You can simply rub the inside of the peel on your teeth for a couple of minutes. Wait for about 10 minutes before you brush as usual. But even otherwise, the magnesium in bananas is great for teeth.

5. Offer An Instant Energy Boost

Bananas are a combination of complex carbs, amino acids, natural sugars, and other minerals that give an energy boost. The carbs in bananas are slowly released into the blood, providing a sustained supply of energy. Even bread and pasta, like bananas, contain slow-release carbs.

Bananas also contain nutrients that are vital post a workout – these nutrients aid muscle repair and balance water retention. In fact, research says that just two bananas can give you enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. According to a report by the Appalachian State University, bananas could be as beneficial as sports drinks. Another report by the Harvard Medical School says that bananas can have benefits absent in most sports drinks. The fruit contains antioxidants and a healthier blend of sugars (and fiber and vitamin B6) that can further help sustain energy.

6. Help Fight Cancer

A yellow banana is healthy. But a banana going brown and spotty could be healthier. The more the brown patches, the more Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). Research says TNF is a cancer-fighting compound that helps fight the abnormal cells in the body. Also, yellow skin bananas with dark spots are about 8 times more effective in combating the bad cells than the green skin variety. They also stimulate the production of white blood cells, which enhance immunity.Another study links banana consumption to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Bananas also have a protective association with lung cancer. The fruit can also offer protection against kidney cancer as per a study. The study states that women who consume four to six bananas a week can cut their risk of kidney cancer by 50 percent. This effect can be owed to the antioxidant phenolic compounds in bananas.

7. Improve Eye Health

Medical practitioners in Nigeria are known to combine with another African herb (called Orinol) to treat macular degeneration and cataracts. This can be attributed to the vitamin A content in bananas, which protects the eye membranes and offers light to the cornea.

8. Relieve Menstrual Pain

This could be attributed to the potassium in bananas. The mineral can work as a muscle relaxant and relax the uterine muscles during periods. Bananas can also work wonders for muscle cramps triggered by menstruation. And the vitamin B6 (and the potassium) can prevent water retention and keep you from feeling bloated (a common symptom during periods).