The Wonders A Turmeric Soap Does For You And Your Skin

Turmeric s a natural way of treating several skin problems and getting a flawless, glowing skin and has been used as a natural beauty product for centuries. Turmeric acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent and helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and hence it’s great for acne. It revitalizes your skin cells and further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its natural healthy glow. It is scented with tea tree oil and peppermint oil and has the added skin benefits of organic, raw honey. You can say goodbye to the harsh chemically formulated acne skin care products which work only for the first two weeks but then after a while, you see the acne come back. Its like yo-yo dieting or the weight cycling you wouldn’t do that if you were really trying to get on a healthy track and live a healthy lifestyle to lose weight then why would you feed and tease your skin with such a harsh chemical product only to see it not work. By using turmeric soap you are actually helping acne-prone skin get the proper treatment it needs. The turmeric acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent and helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells which further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its natural healthy glow. To those people who wear makeup whether it is every day or some special occasions, you want a natural glow so you might use a product called highlighter to highlight the beauty. Turmeric soap will act as a highlighter and does that for you. The turmeric soap will gently exfoliate excess skin and stimulate blood circulation. It has all the antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits of vitamin E which revitalizes your skin to look beautiful with face skin makeover.

Skin Benefits

I. Correct Oily Skin

Use the turmeric soap to prevent the skin from becoming too dry, oils and waxes are secreted by the sebaceous glands. Excessive oily skin usually can lead to acne, cysts, and other woeful skin conditions. It will help the epidermis to retain moisture while keeping the skin soft and supple. Using the organic turmeric soap you can overcome such conditions.

II. Delays Aging

The turmeric soap contains the pigment called curcuminoid which can turn on the genes that enhance the body’s synthesis of antioxidants. This also protects the cells of the skin from free radical damage by slowing down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

III. Acne prevention

The antibacterial properties of turmeric help in acne treatment. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating the inflammation caused by pimples. The soap can be used for oily skin to wash the face.

IV. Treats Skin Pigmentation

The bleaching properties of turmeric can help in skin pigmentation.

Other benefits

  • It also harbors beneficial microorganisms and helps your body stay healthy. It also makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun.
  • Helps Treat Dandruff
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Heals Cracked Feet

Avoid the usage of turmeric soap of you find it allergic to your skin. The turmeric belongs to the ginger family and it may not be suitable for the people who are allergic to ginger. People have reported a skin rash after using it because of their skin which is sensitive to turmeric but this seems to be very rare.

Bottle Gourd Facts, Health Benefits And Nutritional Value

Bottle gourd also called Calabash Gourd, Trumpet Gourd, and Long Squash. The immature fruit of these species is consumed as vegetables. It is pear-shaped with light green coloration. The immature fruit has white spongy flesh. It comes in various sizes and shapes with a light green color and white flesh. Bottle gourd contains more nutrients and water, and consuming its juice has been found to offer many health benefits. Bottle gourd juice effectively cleanses the system and keeps dirt, pollution, and oil under control. Bottle gourd is a kind of vines that grow in the tropical and subtropical area. Bottle gourd plants come to the family Cucurbitaceae.

Nutritional Value Of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd provides ample amounts of vitamins like vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate and vitamin A. It contains many of the essential minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.


1. Skin health

The high intake of Vitamin C reduces the wrinkles and dryness of skin. Vitamin C can lower the oxidative damage associated with stress, pollution, and poor diet. Radicals may speed up the process of aging and the adequate consumption of Vitamin C slows down the appearance.

2. Treats cancer

Bottle gourd is rich in vitamin C and the high intakes of Vitamin C increase cancer counteract effects of drugs that are used in chemotherapy. Vitamin C focus on the cells that need the nutrients whereas the drugs harm the normal cells as well. Researchers view that Vitamin C is an effective cancer treatment for the lung and ovarian cancer.

3. Hormonal balance

Zinc plays an important role in the production of hormones such as the increase in testosterone. Zinc involves the creation as well as a release of eggs from the ovaries. Zinc is necessaryl for the estrogen and progesterone in women that help in the reproductive health. The estrogen will be either too high or too low leads to the problems with menstruation, early menopause, mood swings, infertility and increase chances of cancers.

4. Liver Health

Zinc helps to reduce the infection and damage to the liver. It cleans the liver, lower inflammation, assists nutrient absorption, lower damage of free radicals and eliminates the waste from the body. Zinc improves the liver health as well as assists its functions.

5. Healthy Heart

Today, you can hear about several heart problems among people which also give rise to mild and severe heart attacks. Heart disease may be hereditary or caused due to change in like the style and improper diet routine.gourd juice consumption can keep your heart healthy.

6. Bottle gourd promotes weight loss

The fiber helps in satiating your hunger by keeping you feeling fuller for long periods of time. By drinking a glass of fresh gourd juice in the morning on an empty stomach will help you to experience positive results in your weight loss goals. To reduce your weight, drink this Bottle gourd juice daily in the morning on an empty stomach. As there is a low amount of calories and high amount of dietary fiber, vitamins present in Bottle gourd keep the body nourished and remove unnecessary appetite.

Why Pomegranate Is Called The Heavenly Fruit

Pomegranate is good for those with Anemia. Nutritions like Vitamin C, K, Folic acid is provided by Pomegranate. Seeds are the rich source in dietary fiber! Because it includes the various magical properties of disease prevention. Although pomegranate fruit is available almost all year, nowadays the pomegranate is full of the season. It is also known as Bedana in many places of Bangladesh. Pomegranate fruit pomegranate leaves, barks, roots, root bark are all used as medicines. Its cultivation has been in the Caucasus region since ancient times. From there it spread to the Indian subcontinent. Pomegranate fruit is green in color. Seed cells are inside the fruit and there is a thin layer of the cell. As a result, the seeds are pink and white. Usually, flowers will bloom in May and fruits in August-September. There are three types of flavored pomegranates, namely sweet, sour sweet and acidity. The difference between the shape and taste of pomegranate is seen in the country. The best species of pomegranate – Spanish Ruby. Apart from this, other good species are Dola, Bhadki and GBBI, Paper Shell, Cascade Red, Bedana, and Kandhari. The larger part of the total weight of pomegranate fruit is peel and seeds. The pomegranate tree is quite tolerant and it easily grows on the barren soil. If you take regular care, you can get fruits from pomegranate trees throughout the year.

Nutritional and health benefits of pomegranate

1. Helps to solve pimples and acnes: It is beneficial in acnes and pimples treatment as it contains an extreme quantity of antioxidants. Take few seeds and roast it on a frying pan and then granulate them in a mixer. Apply on the areas where it is affected and after some time wash off with lukewarm water. Pomegranate peel have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and because of this reason, it has the ability to cure rashes and pimples problem.

2. Improve gut-health: The substance contained in pomegranate improves digestion by overcoming several problems like enteric bleeding and enteric inflammation. Soak 2 tablespoon of pomegranate peel powder in water for half an hour. Grind it with 3/4th buttermilk, cumin seeds and a pinch of salt. Consume this mixture at least three times in a week if you have gastric problems or piles. And if you are suffering from diarrhea, then you have to drink it three times a day.

3. Pomegranate flowers are extremely beneficial to stop bleeding. Suddenly, if any part of the body is ruptured or if it is broken then the pomegranate flower is used to stop bleeding. The leaves also work well if you do not get flowers.

Pomegranates are known to be packed with Antioxidants equal to those in green tea and red wine. And these specially loaded with vitamin C and potassium’s. Here are some benefits that you may get from eating pomegranate on daily basis

  • It lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • Lower Risk of Cancer, Especially Prostate and Breast.
  • It also helps in lessen the symptoms of diarrhea.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • It controls weight.
  • It also fights damage of cells.
  • Treatment for Anaemia by increasing RBC count
  • Helpful to cure kidney and bladder stones
  • Maintains your liver health and promotes digestion
  • Fight prostate and breast cancer
  • Helpful in Low blood pressure
  • Prevents fungal and bacterial infection
  • Sharpens memory

Reasons Why You Should Have A Spoonful Of Spirulina Each Day

Spirulina works in many ways to balance and strengthen our health. Its rich array of nutrients provides a strong foundation so we are less vulnerable to invading bacteria and viruses. It supplies essential minerals that may be missing from conventional foods grown in depleted soils. Spirulina grows in water containing ionic trace minerals that are absorbed and chelated by the organism, creating a colloidal form easily absorbed by our bodies. The prime directive of our bodies is to support our immune system. When our immune system is stressed it draws down metabolic energy. People with immune system imbalances may feel chronic fatigue and low energy. Thus Spirulina overcomes this problem.

Health benefits of spirulina

The super-antioxidant

Although spirulina has shown effectiveness at removing metals such as mercury from the body, its true power appears to lie in its high antioxidant power. Spirulina contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins C and E and beta-carotene and the antioxidant minerals copper, chromium, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. In addition, spirulina possesses several properties that seem to increase the effectiveness of antioxidants in the body.

Research has shown that it protects vitamin C from losing its potency, and a study published in Phytotherapy Research in 2008 showed that spirulina actually reduced not just oxidative stress but the rate at which free radicals were generated during inflammatory processes in the body. In line with the cadmium studies, a study published in the journal Food Chemical Toxicology in 2007 found that spirulina protects against oxidative stress induced by mercuric chloride.

Boosts health and energy

In addition to its high antioxidant content, spirulina also contains high levels of B vitamins, vitamin D and several essential minerals and fatty acids. It provides a complete protein and actually contains more protein by weight than soy or red meat. It has especially high levels of the amino acid L-tryptophan, which the body uses to synthesize the mood-regulating neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. In an intriguing finding that may be linked with spirulina ability to remove toxins from the body, a study published in the Journal of Zhejiang University – SCIENCE B in 2005 found that live spirulina cells immersed in wastewater for seven days absorbed up to 74 percent of the lead present within the first 12 minutes. Overall, the maximum biosorption rate was 0.62 mg of lead per 100,000 live spirulina cells.

Spirulina has also been linked to healthier skin and hair, improved academic performance in schoolchildren, lower cholesterol, lower weight and increased energy. It helps improve the symptoms of allergies, anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis and herpes. It helps the body fight infection, anemia and even cancer. Spirulina even seems to help prevent the harmful effects of radiation. All these benefits can come from doses as low as 2-3 grams per day.


Pregnant or breastfeeding women should use spirulina only under the supervision of a health care provider, however, and spirulina should be avoided by people with phenylketonuria or autoimmune disorders.

How The Amchur or The Mango Powder Is Useful

Amchur or dried Mango powder is very popular in India. It is used in several Asian cuisines and is extensively used in many of the Indian cooking. Amchur is prepared by drying mangoes and grinding them into powder. As it contains many nutrients including vitamin A, E and C, and antioxidants it offers a very high nutritional value. It adds a unique flavor to the food. Amchur has various many medicinal benefits. It aids in digestion, and hence, it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. It also effectively treats diabetes and cancer. It contains a large amount of iron and is beneficial for pregnant women because of the iron content. Amchur is helpful for the skin and the hair, as it clears acne and detoxifies the skin and it does not have many side effects. It can be safely used in food preparation can be sprinkled on dishes. If a tablespoon of Amchur is taken daily then you can have a great impact on your health. It also contains vitamin A and C in abundance. There are a lot of benefits of this raw mango powder. You can use it in a variety of recipes and gather its benefits for overall health.

Health Benefits

I. Detoxify Your Body

Mango powder eliminates toxins, detoxifies the body and is also used in treating anemia because it contains vitamin A, C, D, B6, and beta-carotene in abundance. The mango powder helps to cure then nervous systems disorders. To treat conditions like diarrhea, dysentery and urinary tract infection Ayurveda medicines use amchur.

II. Improves Digestion

Mango powder has many benefits for the digestive system. It combats constipation, flatulence, ensures good bowel movement, fights acidity and improves the digestion. It is important to have good digestion for a strong metabolic system.

III. Maintain Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular health will be in good condition if you consume the mango powder. It is also very effective in preventing heart attacks. This powder has many medicinal benefits. It prevents heart failures and other disorders. Due to these benefits, Amchur is included in most recipes. It is also added to ayurvedic medicines to keep your heart healthy.

III. Vital Vitamins

Vitamin A, C, and E are essential for the hormones to work well and Amchur is a great source of all the important vitamins. These vitamins are also good for having healthy eyes and skin.

IV. Effectively Removes Acne

The Mango powder can be applied to the skin after it is crushed and made into a powder by mixing it with tomato juice. Apply and leave it for a few minutes. Gently rub and wash your face. It helps in exfoliation on the skin and cures breakouts, blackheads and also blemishes. It also acts as a mild scrub and also removes the redness of the skin.

V. Rich In Iron

Women who suffer from the deficiency of iron are strictly advised to include food which is rich in iron, as part of their diet. The mango powder can be included in the diet because it is Iron. This fruit can be a part of the diet in one form or the other not only Mango powder.

VI. Prevention And Treatment Of Scurvy

Amchur has high levels of Vitamin C which prove to be very helpful in healing conditions such as scurvy. It is a medical condition caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C. If amchur is consumed on a daily basis Scurvy can be prevented. One recipe that is used is the combination of amchur with jaggery. It is said to be very effective in treating scurvy.

VII. Improves Vision

Amchur ensures that the hormones are functioning well as it contains a high amount of Vitamin A and E which are essential for healthy eyes and skin. It has an anti-aging effect on the skin. You can improve your eyesight and prevent eye-related conditions like cataract, by the intake of amchur regularly.

Side-Effects And Allergies Of Amchur

There are people who are allergic to Amchur. It can start with rashes, cough and also may lead to dyspnea. It might also lead to anaphylaxis which is an acute allergic reaction to an antigen in which the body can become hypersensitive. The allergies can be tackled with the right medications. However, these cases are rare.

Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits Of Foxtail Millet

Foxtail millet is an annual grass which grows to an average height of 60-150 cm. It is adapted to well-drained soils.The seeds are convex oval or elliptical and light yellow to brown, rusty or black in color. It is known as Bertia in Hindi, Pabbio Coltivato in Switzerland, Panico Degli Uccelli in Italian, Awa in Japanese, Morap in Russian, Sekui in Malaysia, dzo in Korean, and Mijo De Italia in Spanish. Foxtail millets are available in the form of rice, semolina which is like rava or as flour. The carbohydrates present in it doesn’t increase the blood sugar levels immediately as with other millets. The glucose is steadily released by it without affecting the metabolism of the body. The symptoms of diabetes are rare among the people who consume it in their diet. The foxtail millet is a versatile crop which can be grown in any season of the year with the shortest crop cycle of 60 to 90 days. No other food crop can be grown in such a short period. It is rich in dietary fibre, and minerals like iron and copper. Due to the presence of the dietary fibre and minerals, it helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and keeps the immune system strong. Foxtail millets are very rich in calories. It provides energy and strength to the body to perform various activities. It is considered as the perfect substitute for the healthy diets. It is widely cultivated in India, Africa, and China.

Nutritional Facts

Foxtail millet of 100 gram contains 12 g of moisture,4 g of total fat, 351 calories, 63.2 g of carbohydrate, 11.2 g of protein, and 6.7 g of crude fiber. It also grants 803 g of isoleucine, 63.2 g of carbohydrate, 1764 g of leucine, 103 g of tryptophan, 328 g of threonine, 233 g of lysine, 4 g of lipid fat, 0.6 mg of thiamin, 2.8 mg of iron, 11.2 mg of protein, 3.2 mg of niacin, 0.1 mg of riboflavin and 31 mg of calcium.

Traditional Uses

  • In China, the Foxtail millet is used as astringent and emollient in choleric affections and also diarrhea.
  • The seeds are used as a diuretic treat indigestion, dyspepsia, rheumatism, to strengthen virility, enhance vigor and treat bone fractures in India.
  • Foxtail millet helps to treat food stagnancy.
  • The green seeds will help to reinforce virility whereas the white seeds are useful for fever and cholera.
  • The seeds are used to treat diabetes.
  • The cooked grains are used in as a cure for diarrhea.
  • The decoction made from Setaria oil and bark of Acacia modesta is used as a tonic or to raise fertility in females and males.
  • It can be combined with other herbs to cure Dysuria.
  • The paste is externally used as a cure for swellings.
  • It is also combined with cow’s curd in order to treat measles.

Health Benefits

I. Alzheimer’s disease
Vitamin B1 slows the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It could be treated with an intake of 100 mg supplements of Vitamin B1. The trial studies are still carried out for the determination of the mechanism due to which it occurs.

II. A proper function of cardiac
Vitamin B1 which is present in the foxtail millet helps in assisting the formation of neurotransmitter acetylcholine which helps in the transfer of the message between muscle and nerves. It also safeguards the functions of cardiac. The patients with congestive heart failure find Vitamin B1 helpful and prevent heart ailments. The deficiency of Vitamin B1 leads to improper functions of cardiac.

III. Enhance memory
The foxtail millet manages the nervous ailments such as Bell’s palsy and multiple sclerosis. It helps to enhance the concentration and memory power. It provides a positive impact on nervous system and supports mental perspective.

IV. Hair and Skin health
Protein is essential for the maintenance of hair and prevents it from damage. Protein plays a vital role in the growth of hair. The protein supports and strengthens the tissues such as skin which tears constantly. Collagen is considered as the vital protein which strengthens the tissues, cells, and organs that is essential for the revitalization. The presence of collagen protein in the body provides wrinkle-free, healthy and youthful skin.

How To Eat And Precautions To Be Taken

The grain cooked in milk or water is consumed as rice. Seeds are consumed as a sweet or savory food. The seeds are grounded as flour and used to make porridge puddings, cakes, and bread. The flour made by Foxtail millet is used to make noodles. The seeds are sprouted and consumed as a vegetable. The sensitive people might get allergic reactions so they should avoid it. It should be consumed in limited amounts.

Geranium Oil For Healthy Skin And Much More

Geranium oil is an essential oil which is commonly used as an element in aromatherapy for its many health benefits. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes. It can be used to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. It is also used to promote beautiful and radiant skin by the Egyptians. It is used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones. The Geranium oil can be extracted through steam distillation of stems and leaves of the geranium plant. The components of the oil include menthone, geraniol, geranyl butyrate, geranyl acetate, myrcene, Citronellol, alpha-pinene, Linalool, Limonene. This is a sweet-smelling oil which can also be used to uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. It is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant. It contains the therapeutic properties such as antidepressant, antiseptic, wound healing etc. It is considered to be one of the best oils for various skin problems like eczema, congested skin, and dermatitis.

Health Benefits

I. Wrinkle Reducer

Geranium oil is considered as an astringent hence it induces contractions in several parts of the body. It also has the power to minimize the look of wrinkles because it tightens facial skin. It slows down the effects of aging.

II. Infection Fighter

The Geranium oil contains antibacterial properties which help to protect your body from infection. It can also stop bacteria from growing on the skin, like on a wound.

III. Muscle Toner

Due to the astringent properties of Geranium oil, it can be helpful in tightening and contracting muscles. It also prevents from sagging of muscles and skin.

IV. Healing Helper

The look of scars and other spots on the skin fades quickly by the use of the oil. Geranium oil helps to speed up the healing process of cuts, wounds, and incisions. Geranium oil has powerful cicatrisant properties which increase blood circulation right below the surface of the skin. It also helps with the healing of spots caused by acne, cuts or wounds, surgical incisions or skin irritations.

V. Increases Urination

Geranium oil is a diuretic hence it will promote urination. An increase in urination means fewer toxins in the body. The various heavy metals, sugar, sodium, pollutants and also release toxic chemicals. Urination also helps in the removal of excess bile and acids from the stomach.

VI. Blood Clot Inducer

Geranium oil causes the contraction of blood vessels and helps to stop blood flow. It will also help in speeding up the formation of blood clots which helps in the healing of wounds and it keeps toxins away from entering the body. It also helps in preventing hemorrhoids.

VII. Insect Repellent and Bug Bite Healer

Geranium oil can be used as a natural bug repellant. Mix geranium oil with water and spray it on your body to make your own bug repellent. This is safer than sprays that are filled with chemicals. It also heals insect bites and stops itching.

Side Effects

Some people may develop a rash or burning sensation when Geranium oil is applied to the skin. so it is always better to test the oil on a small area first. It also can cause eye irritation if applied to the face. The consumption of the oil must be in smaller amount when it is taken by mouth because the safety of the oil when taken in larger amounts, is not known. It causes the blood vessels to contract and slows down or stops the flow of blood because Geranium oil is a styptic. People with high blood pressure and who are at risk for cardiovascular diseases must be a health concern. The oil influences hormone secretions, so it’s not advised for use by pregnant women or for women who are breastfeeding. It is always better to dilute the Geranium oil with a carrier oil when you are applying it directly to the skin. Try mixing geranium oil with equal parts coconut, jojoba or olive oil which are available on

Banaba Leaves The Paradise Herb

The Banaba Tree has many other names including Queen’s Flower and Crape Myrtle. It is native to the Indian subcontinent where it grows wild and cultivated, and to the Philippines, SouthEast Asia, Indonesia and Australia. It has been introduced into parts of tropical Africa, Jamaica and the USA. At the beginning of the year it starts to lose its leaves which have turned bright red or orange by that season. It can reach heights of up to 25 metres and is fast-growing (so is used as a nurse tree for slower growing saplings) with an extensive root system so is useful to stop soil erosion. It is also used as a living fence, and various items are made from its wood, including poles, decorative items and furniture. It is also used for construction and cut down for fuel by local people, who also use it for charcoal. Its bark produces a yellow dye too. However since its medicinal properties have been recognized by the West it is now an important medicinal plant and has been used for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent as well as the Philippines and the rest of SouthEast Asia to treat diabetes and low blood sugar levels. It contains corosolic acid, ellagitannins (in the fruit and leaves), triterpenoids, amino acids and flavonoids. Extensive studies of the leaves made in Japan confirmed the use of extracts from the leaves for diabetes. The corosolic acid lowers blood pressure and has insulin-like properties as do some of the amino acids, and this is what makes it so attractive to researchers. Extracts obtained from the seeds (said to be narcotic) have powerful antioxidant properties and the ellagic acid compounds in banaba are being researched to discover if they can help in the treatment of HIV. Banaba may have antibiotic properties too. In fact it might provide a few “wonder drugs” after more research has been done into its properties and their effects on people.


1 cup chopped banaba leaves
2 cups boiling water


  • Boil the leaves in water for 30 mins.
  • Strain and drink.

Banaba leaves and fruit can provide a bunch of benefits for humans who choose to utilize it as a natural health supplement. This particular herbal remedy has been used for hundreds of years for weight loss and management. Studies, like this particular study from the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, look at how “corosolic acid has been reported to decrease blood sugar levels within 60 min in human subjects.”

Uses for Various Diseases

Efficacy of Banaba for Cholesterol treatment are enormous. Almost all parts of this plant, the seeds, bark, and leaves, can be used for the treatment of various diseases. The seeds, for example, can be used to lower blood pressure levels.

Diabetes Herbal Remedy

Banaba leaves extract is used as an herbal remedy for diabetes in some parts of the world. It is especially popular in the Philippines. Banaba extracts are rich in corosolic acid which is an insulin plant that has been shown to have anti-diabetic effects.

Banaba leaves tea

Banaba leaves tea is one of the most general types of herbal tea. A mature green banaba leaves are used in the ratio 3 leaves to 6 cups of water, boil this for 15 minutes in low heat. You can drink 3-4 cups of this tea daily.

Various Health Benefits Of Drinking Banaba Leaves Tea

  • Banaba tea can help in weight reduction even without dietary restrictions.
  • Banaba tea can help detoxify the body and protect the liver.
  • It helps in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
  • It helps to lower blood sugar; even if you are prone to have diabetes you can lower the risk by drinking banaba tea on a daily basis.

The Hidden Benefits Of The Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit is a delicious and an exotic fruit. It is often considered to be a superfood because of its various benefits. It is somewhat under the radar which means doing something without other people noticing. This quality makes it less popular than other fruits and foods. It is also known as pity or pitahaya. It comes from the genus Stenocereus and Hylocereus respectively. It remains as an important part of the dietary fruit intake. Dragon fruit comes in three varieties yellow skin with white flesh, red skin with red flesh, and red skin with white flesh. The fruits either can be sweet or sour. The taste depends on the species, shape, and size. The most common form of dragon fruit is red in color and covered in broad spiky growths. The texture of the fruit is similar to a Kiwi fruit and the meat is filled with small black seeds. This helps in digestion. The meat of the dragon fruit s used to make wine and also can be strained into other beverages. The leaves of dragon fruit can be soaked for a very healthy form of tea. The outer skin of the fruit has a less nutritional value and hence are eaten rarely.

Health benefits

1. Low Cholesterol

The dragon fruit contains a low amount of cholesterol and also saturated fats. The regular consumption of the fruit can not only be refreshing but also will help you in maintaining a healthy heart. It may be a good idea to include it in your diet if you are on a weight loss regime. the seeds present in the fruit contains omega 3 fatty acids which will help you for the well being.

2. High in Fiber

The dragon fruit is considered to be a good source of dietary fiber, hence it is not only great for the heart but also helps in maintaining blood pressure and weight. Risk of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and coronary heart disease (CHD) can be lowered by the consumption of fiber-rich foods.

3. Aids in Digestion

The dragon fruit contains high fiber content which can help bulk up bowel movements. It stimulates peristaltic motion, facilitating smooth passage through the digestive tract, and inducing a release of digestive juices. By regulating the bowel movement the fruit helps in preventing the various condition like constipation etc.

4. Antioxidant Rich

The vibrant color of the dragon fruit is filled with phytonutrients. It can provide you much-needed antioxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting the free radicals which might damage your cells and also may lead to cancer. A diet which is rich in antioxidants is said to keep your skin young and heart healthy.

5. Skin Care

The paste of flesh of dragon fruit must be made and applied regularly on the face can help in slowing down the process of waging and also can be used to treat acne and sunburn.

6. Prevents Cancer

The antioxidant quality of vitamin C which will boost the immune system. It also contains other sources of natural antioxidants. The dragon fruit contains Carotene which has been linked to a number of anti-carcinogenic qualities. It also helps in reducing the size of tumors. It also boosts your immune system and also reduces the high risk of developing cancer.

The excess eating of dragon fruit may have side effects for pregnant. The dragon fruit may also cause some skin rashes. So clean the fruit and eat them in a hygienic manner. The Dragon Fruit is also harmful to diabetics patients because of the sweetness of the fruit.

The Best Way To Lose Weight Using Medohar Vati

In today’s world everyone’s priority is to be beautiful, attractive and possess a nice toned up body. But owing to a busy life schedule, it sometimes becomes very difficult to keep a watch on the diet and lifestyle pattern. This negligence in turn leads to obesity. It’s a matter of great concern for more than half of the population. The developed countries like United States of America, Australia, United kingdom, China are the most badly hit by it. Weight gain and obesity are two primary concerns of people all around the world. These problems are not limited to any particular country or class of people. Now there can be a number of reasons for this obese nature. But due to our hectic work schedule we really don’t have the time to hit the gym. But worry not. Obesity is the major causative factor for almost 80 % of the all the diseases. Problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, heart problems are the most commonly encounter health issues. If these diseases are not taken care of soon, it can even prove to be fatal. It has been observed that people are increasingly falling in the trap of this vicious circle of obesity. One must search a way out of this deadly trap.

Medohar Vati also known as Weight loss pill is a traditional Ayurvedic formula which has been used since centuries to shed off the excess weight. Weight loss Pill is clinically tested and the ingredients are FDA approved. This pill is an effective way to lose weight for those people who are not able to lose the excess fat by any other means. Medohar Vati or the Weight Loss Pill has been extremely successful in making people to lose weight. Medohar Vati is very effective in reducing the excess weight. The combination of the appropriate drugs triphala, shuddha guggulu, vayuvidanga, shilajith, kutki, nishoda, babool have the properties to reduce the excess Kapha and Medas. Thus it is used for obesity, thyroid problems, high cholesterol and to reduce pain in inflammatory and degenerative joint problems.

Medohar Vati Benefits:

  • It is used for treating obesity.
  • Helps in maintaining normal body weight.
  • It improves the metabolism of the body and maintains hormonal functioning.
  • Metabolism is a biochemical process by which your body converts what you eat into energy.
  • It also helps to maintain the insulin level in the body which is directly or indirectly responsible for the excessive weight.
  • It is also used for controlling the appetite.
  • It helps to improve the memory power of our brain and give more attentive brain.
  • It helps to remove various types of toxins from the body.


Weight loss cannot be achieved only by medicines, but a lifestyle with diet and exercise is also necessary. They all act together to reduce weight. Also weight reduction is a slow process which occurs by correcting the metabolism. So it must be taken as two tablets thrice daily with people who are obese with a BMI of more than 25. It can be taken for a period of 6 months. After that 6 months, it can be maintained by following healthy eating and proper exercise.